Easy Writer!

by Rebecca Jamison
(Keller, Texas, USA)

Clyde the Glyde on the Great Ride

Clyde the Glyde on the Great Ride

Yes, the inspiration came "easy" after observing for many years the relationship between my husband and his motorcycle, Clyde the Glyde. I was compelled to share with others the stories that had "rumbled" around in my head for so long.

And, yes, writing the manuscripts also came "easy." I have written a series of six stories featuring the same main characters, with each story offering a different life lesson.

When the time came to publish the first manuscript, I elected not to go through the "traditional" publishing process of submitting manuscripts, fearing rejection would be the result of my efforts.

Additionally, I was interested in having complete artistic control over the design, content and format of the final product.

After extensive research, self-publishing seemed to be the answer for me.

The services offered by my publisher (BookSurge) were packaged and fees were based on the extent of services needed. In this first effort, I elected to utilize most of the services offered.

Although still in the "easy" category, the result was an expensive and time consuming endeavor. Because I was a novice in the publishing process, I felt their professional experience would result in the quality of product I envisioned.

I am pleased to say (with the exception of the size book I originally wanted), my first book has met those expectations.

As I continue to publish the remaining manuscripts, I foresee utilizing fewer of the publisher's pre-packaged services and intend to rely only on their printing and distribution.

"Easy" takes a detour to "Not-so-easy street" in our marketing efforts.

I have found that self-published books seem to be the step-children of the book industry. When offered directly to the public through personal appearances, the book is well received by the public, but national retail chains, major media outlets and trade reviewers wince when the book is labeled "self-published" and have been less than receptive.

This being said, I am proud to say I followed my lifelong dream of authoring a children's book and will continue publishing as long as we can continue to sell them. After a year and a half as an unprofitable venture, the greatest reward is hearing a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle report that the special child in their life requests hearing the book again and again.

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Feb 26, 2008
Nice synergy!
by: Steve B.

Rebecca, I've just taken a look at your website. What I like most about your marketing approach is that you put your book in motorcycle stores and sell it at biker rallies! I love when authors recognize that some markets are more likely to buy their book than others.

Good for you, and here's hoping that Clyde the Glyde becomes the Official Children's Book of Harley Davidson worldwide!

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