The Dreams of Timothy
by Anthony Nicosia

butterfly cartoon

I like watching Timothy play, he is always so happy. There he is in the park by the ocean flying his colorful kite so high in the air. What a wonderful smile he has on his face.

I remember the first time I meet Timothy about 3 months ago. He was in the first grade and had been very tired that day from playing soccer with all his friends at school.

When he went home his mother had a nice dinner waiting for him, but he was so tired he could hardly eat.

His father and mother put Timothy to bed early that day. He did not complain because he knew how tired he really was.

Back then Timothy was afraid of the dark and always slept with the lights on. I always thought how funny it is that children think that they are alone when they sleep, when a wonderful world of dreams await them.

Oh, I guess I should introduce myself. I am one of Timothy's dream friends, I am a butterfly see my colored wings.

That first night when Timothy was tired he had a beautiful dream of being in a park lying on a blanket with his parents.

There I was crawling on his leg, I was a young caterpillar then, not yet a butterfly.

He placed me gently on his left hand and watched as I sat up and looked straight at him. That was the first time we meet.

Many children come and go in dreams never noticing the smaller details, like me. Timothy was different, he would love to see all the wonderful things in his dreams and when he awoke he would remember us all.

It wasn't until three days later that I saw Timothy again. He was fishing in the ocean by the park in one of his peaceful dreams. I sat next to him and watched.

I guess we liked each other from the start, just like good friends. He would talk to me and I would listen.

Timothy told me about his life in the other world beyond his dreams. He talked of his parents, friends, and even his fear of sleeping alone in the dark. I could not talk yet, so I just sat up looked him straight in the eye and listened, like good friends do.

It did not happen all at once, but slowly Timothy felt more at ease when he slept knowing he would come visit with me in his dreams. Finally he did it, he turned out the light when he went to bed.

His parents were amazed at the change in him. He would turn out the light and walk proudly to his bed to go and sleep dreaming happy dreams.

It was time I introduced Timothy to my other friends. First he meet Pam, she is a worm who likes to crawl on the ground like me. Pam liked Timothy but was always a little afraid when he had his fishing dreams. I think she thought he might put her on the hook, but of course Timothy never did.

Then there was Harold the bear. I think Timothy liked him so much because they could grab each other and roll around the ground playing. Harold was always very gently with the smaller Timothy and would never hurt him but once though they almost rolled over on me.

Now like all dreams they were not always happy. Sometime Timothy would have thoughts of terrible rainstorms.

He would have dreams of darkness and walking in the woods alone and frightened.

When he dreamt afraid like that I would find and crawl to him reminding him he was not alone. I think that helped a lot. Together we would face his bad dreams and suddenly the storms would give way to a beautiful sunny day.

Dreams of being alone in the dark woods would all of a sudden disappear and we would be in a happy place surrounded by our friends, Pam and Harold.

After a while he would no longer have dreams that scared him. Now when he visited would we only have happy times. Times when we would sail boats or sit by the ocean looking out at the gentle waves. I liked my times with Timothy and could not wait for him to come back.

I bet you are wondering what happens to us when Timothy leaves to go back to his other world with his parents and school friends. Well we sleep too.

When we sleep we too dream, just like you. A dream dreaming dreams. I bet that sounds funny.

I dream of Timothy and of being in his other world. I would dream of sitting at the dinner table with him and his parents.

Why I could fit into his pocket and go to school with him, peeking out to watch his friends and teachers.

One day I had a very very long dream. I do not know how long it lasted but later Timothy told me he could not find me for weeks.

He was quite sad and would look for me, but my friends Pam and Harold kept him company while I was away.

Yes it was my time to change. I was no longer a caterpillar, but had wrapped myself up in a cocoon where I slept until I awoke as a butterfly.

Then one day when Timothy came back to our dream world I surprised him by flying up onto his hand.

"Well look at this butterfly, say have you seen my friend the caterpillar" he asked.

"Timothy it's me, I was that caterpillar, do you like my changes?" Oh my, I can talk!

We both looked at each other amazed, and then we laughed.

"It is you, I am so happy to have my friend back with me. Yes, I do love your changes; you are now a colorful butterfly. But what is even more exciting is we can now talk to each other."

"What shall I call you? You can now tell me your name". "Why I am Lucas, It means bringer of light. I came to you to be your light in the dream world so you would not be afraid."

After that Timothy and I had many adventures together in our dream world. Dreams that took us to far away places where we found many exciting dream creatures. Perhaps when you come back I will tell you of the fantastic times we had, my friend Timothy and I. Right now I am tired and must sleep to dream my own wonderful dreams. Maybe I will dream of you. Goodnight.


Copyright Anthony Nicosia 2008

Anthony is from Pacifica, CA and has a BA in Psychology from S.U.N.Y. College at Purchase. He is a staff writer for the online magazine "Affordable Audio."

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