Dr. Seuss Stories with Lessons

So many Dr. Seuss stories contain important lessons

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People speak of Dr. Seuss's hidden messages. Well, if by "hidden" you mean that Seuss, unlike Aesop, didn't state the morals of his stories outright, I guess you could say they're hidden.

But to me, they're kind of obvious.

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In my opinion, like most fiction writers, Seuss said what he wanted to say, and that often included some meaning, some lessons that could be taken from the story.

Well, since everyone loves Dr. Seuss, but few are familiar with the full extent of his work, I thought I'd take it upon myself to list the Dr. Seuss stories that (in my humble opinion) contain lessons. And since I'm the one doing the listing, it'll again be my humble opinion as to what those lessons are.

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Where the lessons are in bold, that's me saying that the Dr. Seuss lesson is a central theme of the story. When unbolded, that's me saying Seuss's message is a bit hidden and not so prominent.

Where Dr. Seuss book titles appear as links, that's because a full review of the book appears on this site.

Dr. Seuss stories with Dr. Seuss lessons!

To my mind, Dr. Seuss stories contain lessons that are proving much more timeless than Aesop's, which often seem contrary to what we seek to teach our children today. Oh, and did you know?...

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