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Our 10 question Dr. Seuss quiz was fashioned with one purpose in mind: making sure test-takers know just how many Dr. Seuss books there are!

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Seuss (Theodor Geisel) wrote and/or illustrated over 60 books. (If you're looking for Dr. Seuss trivia, read our review of The Annotated Cat or check out Seuss historian Charles D. Cohen's books.) While he'd already been publishing for 20 years, in 1957 - with The Cat in the Hat - Seuss began to change how American children learned to read.

Seuss's Beginner Book series contains much of his most famous work, but he also wrote (and illustrated) some rather amazing work before he became an icon of early reading. And guess what? We review almost every one of his books on this site.

(You know about Green Eggs and Ham, but do you know about McElligot's Pool? It's actually a much better book, even though GE&H is pretty darn good!)

After you finish taking the test and computing your score, we hope you'll look around and learn about the great books you didn't know about. Good luck!

1. What was Dr. Seuss's first book?

(Click on the answer that you think is correct.)

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