The Dr. Seuss Book Club

I've got an alternative!

reject the Dr. Seuss Book Club

I'm done recommending the Dr. Seuss Book Club

(Or, if you prefer, The Dr.Seuss™ and His Friends Book Club.)

The fine print. The surprise shipping charges. The books that aren't Dr. Seuss books.

I have an alternative! Heck, I have TWO alternatives!!!

1) We're going to Ebay!

You say you've never shopped Ebay? You're scared you won't know what to do?

Get over it! You were going to sign up with a book club that was going to send you books FOREVER unless you figured out a way to stop them! Take it from me: Ebay is a breeze.

On Ebay, you can shop for a single individual selling a ton of Seuss books. Instead of the continuous dribble of book club books, you get them all at once! Isn't that better than reading your kids the same book for 3 weeks until a new one arrives?

Click the link below and I'll take you to a TON of Dr. Seuss book listings:

Start my own Dr. Seuss book club.

2) We're going to Amazon!

Okay, you want new books, and you want an interface you're used to.

Amazon! They discount heavily, and if you buy from them directly (not a 3rd party vendor) you're eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping. None of those hidden charges that can make your book club purchase MORE expensive than buying on your own.

And get this: there are plenty of Dr. Seuss book SETS that you can buy on Amazon, reducing your per book cost just like a book club!

So that's what you get if you click the link below. I'll send you to a search page that lists the various Dr. Seuss book sets. Shop to your heart's content know that you're outsmarting those book club folks!

Dr. Seuss book sets on Amazon.


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