Parker and His Parents

by Ramona Hall

child scared as parents fight

Hi, my name is Parker. I live with my parents. I love them very much and I know they love me too.

My dad is fun and he plays with me. We pretend we are wrestlers. I know my dad is stronger than I am, but he lets me win and I pin him on his back. Sometimes he picks me up really high in the air. It's so fun, but my mom yells, “Put Parker down! You might drop him on his head!”

My dad lets me help him with yard work. I can't mow the lawn by myself yet, but I get to ride on the mower with him sometimes. We went really fast once and my mom yelled, “Be careful! Parker might fall off and bump his head!”

I do fun things with my mom too. Once I helped her make the bed and I hid underneath the sheets. My mom pretended that she couldn't find me. Finally, she jumped on the bed and said, “Oh, there you are Parker!” We both laughed and I wanted to do it again and again.

Sometimes, my mom lets me help her cook. I got to crack the eggs once when she was making breakfast. I guess it takes practice to break eggs. It sure was messy. My dad said, “Hey Parker! Are there any eggs left for us to eat?”

Sometimes my parents get into arguments. I get scared when they argue. It makes my stomach feel funny but not in a good way. I feel like hiding and sometimes I go to my room and cover my ears. I don't want to hear them yelling.

My parents argue about grown-up stuff. I'm not a grown-up so I don't understand everything they are saying. It sounds like they are mad about money. Sometimes my mom seems mad that my dad is watching TV. Sometimes my dad seems mad when my mom talks on the phone. All I know is that the yelling and screaming can get really, really loud. One time, my mom even threw a glass of water at my dad. The glass hit the wall and broke and the water got the TV wet. My dad got really mad and threw the remote control. I ran to my room and hid. I think I heard them using curse words. That was a really scary day.

One time my friend, Anthony, came over to play and my parents started to have an argument. I wanted Anthony to leave. I didn't want him to hear my parents yelling and saying mean things to one another. Anthony said that his parents sometimes fight too. We decided to go outside and play.

Anthony told me that once, the police even came to his house because his dad hit his mom. The police took his dad away and he didn't come home for a few days. Anthony said he was really, really scared when the police came and took his dad. Anthony told me they made his dad take some special classes to teach him about his anger. He said his dad learned how to control his temper better. Now Anthony's mom and dad don't fight as much.

I felt scared when I was thinking about what Anthony said. I don't want the police to come and take my dad or my mom to jail. When my mom was tucking me into bed, I told her about Anthony's dad. I told her how scared I was when she and dad yelled and screamed and used curse words. My mom hugged me really, really hard and I think she even cried a little bit. She said, “It's going to be okay Parker”

The next day, my parents said, “Parker, we want to talk to you”. My parents told me that they were sorry about all the yelling and fighting. They felt sad that I was scared about their arguments. My parents told me they decided to get some help. They said they were going to go to counseling. A counselor would listen to them and help them find different ways to talk to each other.

My parents are still going to the counselor once a week. They are not fighting as much. When they do argue, their voices are not as loud. Sometimes, they talk to me after they argue and ask me if I'm doing okay. They tell me they want me to feel safe. I do feel safer now and I'm not as scared.

My dad and I still play wrestle and do yard work. My mom and I still make the bed and I help her cook. I am better at cracking the eggs! My mom still says, “Put Parker down! You might drop him on his head!” My dad still says, “Parker, are there any eggs left for us to eat?” I love my parents very much and I know they love me too.

The End

Copyright Ramona Hall, 2011

The author lives in Illinois, USA.

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