Dogs Don't Bite in Heaven

by Tony and Brooklynn Langston

dog heaven

Someday, your body will die and you’ll go to Heaven.

That’s God’s house. Heaven is where Jesus lives.

In Heaven you’ll see all your friends and family everyday.

Your mommy and daddy and sisters and brothers, your paw paws and granny’s and many, many others.

Up there in the air you don’t have a care.

You sit in your fancy chair, and eat candy! All kinds, all colors, all flavors.


You never get in trouble and you never go to bed.

You never take a bath and you never bump your head.

It never gets dark, it never is night.

The sun is always shining bright, bright, bright!

The grass is always green and the trees are always pretty.

The flowers smell good – here kitty, kitty, kitty.

The lions are our pets.

The tigers and the bears.

They all love children.

Theres animals everywhere!

Big giant birds let you ride upon their backs.

High high into the air, as it quacks, quacks, quacks.

But, if you’d rather not ride upon a bird,

You can simply float on clouds, oh my word!

You never are alone in heaven

Your never scared or sad and when the angels tickle you they make you very glad!

You never get a spankin ‘cause your always very good.

You always do the nice things that you know you should.

But, the best thing about haven is…


And you can go to His house any time you like-

And oh, oh, oh!

The other thing about heaven is…

The Dogs Don’t Bite!

The End

Copyright Tony and Brooklynn Langston 2012

The authors live in New Jersey, USA.

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