Donna and the Dodo

by Scott Mitchell

dodo bird cartoon

Once, long ago, before planes, trains or a car,
Sailors traveled the ocean, and they traveled quite far.
Somewhere out in the ocean, where sailed the fleet
They would stop on an island, looking for food and for meat.
And there was one place, an isle called Mauritius,
Where lived the Dodo, a bird quite delicious.

Sailors hunted the birds, and then ate them all.
Save for one very smart Dodo, a Dodo named Paul.
Paul snuck on a boat in the middle of the night.
And when the boat sailed off, Paul studied his plight.
He hid down below decks, under boxes of cork.
Until they got to a harbor, Paul got off in New York.

Where Paul’s lived ever since, he hides in plain sight,
In the back of a museum, up six flights, to the right.
He hides in a glass case, between and aardvark and yak.
The case is in a room - way in the back.
And at night he sneaks out, gobbles trash to eat.
He likes peanut butter, it’s his favorite treat.

Into his room,one day, came a little girl, quite small.
She saw the Dodo, yes she spotted Paul.
She talked to the Dodo, but not a word did Paul utter.
He didn’t move or blink, until he saw Peanut Butter.
Paul wanted the sandwich, his tummy was rumbly,
(the new cleaning crew was good, he was quite hungry).

The girl lifted the sandwich, offered it to his face.
So Paul had to get up and walk out of the case.
“I’m Donna,” she said, “Aren’t you sad all alone.”
“I’m Paul,” said the Dodo, “And this is my home.
I live here at the museum, between aardvark and yak,
And nobody bothers me way here in the back.”

"Sometimes I get lonely,back there in the box,
I talk to the Yak, I try to talk to the fox.
But they are all stuffed, still I stay, I survive."
"Well you’ve been here enough," said Donna, age 5.
"You shall come home with me, I have my own room.
You can’t stay here alone,
it’s cold in this tomb."

So she emptied her back pack, and into it jumped Paul.
Some feathers stuck out, and his left leg, that was all.
“Look at that girl and her pack,” she heard a guard mutter.
“It’s just loaded with toys and old peanut butter.”
Paul stayed quiet and quite still, hidden inside.
He felt Donna get on a bus and then go for a ride.

Finally they got off, and climbed up some stairs.
She opened the bag, showed the room that was theirs.
"You can stay on the bed, just pretend that you’re stuffed.
I’ll get rid of these toys, I have quite enough."
And so Donna and Paul became greats friends, it is true.
And they had great adventures, go outside, so can you!

The End

Copyright Jerry Scott Mitchell, 2010

Scott lives in New York.

Did you enjoy Scott's book? He is also the author of Rebellion On The Northern Line.

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