Dinosaur Adventure Book

by John Dolbey
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Sunrise Over Fire Rock Field

Sunrise Over Fire Rock Field

Dino-mite Children's Chapter Book, Dinosaur Adventure

My wife and I adopted an 11 mo. girl from China back in 2001, and she has turned into a voracious reader and dinosaur fanatic. Together we developed some wonderful dinosaur characters through years of storytelling and character building.

I would tell my daughter a new dino-story about these characters every day on the way to school, then more at night, for 2+ years.

The characters and storyline -- Iggy, Guana, and Dawn -- are three iguanodon siblings working hard to solve problems and to provide a better life for all plant eaters.

Through adventure and difficult experiences, they seek to convince the herd elders of their new plans. Only through determination, problem solving, and conflict management might they succeed.

They join with three other young dinosaurs, Mox and Jax (triceratops) and Tail Whip (another iguanodon witn an unusually long tail).

I did find a literary agent interested in the material, but nothing had happened in a while (though I am still in contact with them), so I researched different self-publishing houses and went with CreateSpace, an Amazon subsidiary.

I utilized several processional services from their design and publishing teams and will also be sending a press release out soon.

I created a website for the book and have worked hard to get the word out. I am hopeful you can assist in the effort too! Meet our dinosaur characters.

Thank you!

John Dolbey

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Apr 26, 2010
Dinosaur book...or books!
by: Steve B. (webmaster)

John, thanks for posting.

(Readers, John and I met on Best Children's Book's Facebook page. He was seeking to publicize his book. I suggested he post here.)

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