Didn't know writing a website was so much work

by Arlene

Steve, thank you, because I learned a LOT from reading this. What I'm wondering though is whether I learned too much. I used to think I had a great idea for a website. I even had it mapped out! It would be six pages, it would get tons of traffic, it would make money, and I'd never have to do anything else to it.

That's all I thought I was going to have to do! Write those 6 pages and figure out somehow how to get them up on the web. Now I feel rather naive!

Now I realize that if I had put those six pages up I would have ended up totally disappointed. So thank you for saving me that heartache! What I'm wondering though is whether I have the time to structure and write a website in the way you describe. I work full-time. Any thoughts?

Janet, that's an excellent question. And I've been spoiled by being able to work on Site Build It full-time when I so choose.

Let me set up my answer by saying this. The thing I love most about online writing is that it's cumulative. Here's what I mean...

When I finish a screenplay project, probably 95% of my effort goes to waste! There are all the drafts I threw away before getting to the final one. All the subplots I explored that didn't make it into the finished version of the script. All the meetings I took, all the thought I put in. And most of the time, the movie doesn't even end up getting made!

When you write a website, everything you write goes up on the web, and there's almost never a reason to take it down! I've even got pages up that are kind of updated! I just add a line to them at the top that says, "Here's what I used to think about personalized children's books." Then I provide a link to the more current page.

Now both pages attract traffic!

Do you see what I mean? There's almost no wasted effort. You get an idea for a page, you research keywords, you write it, then you post it to the web. And then it's up there - forever - working for you. I always think of it as money in the bank that I'm earning interest on. That's what Site Build It always feels like to me...

...an investment I made (and continue to make) that will always pay off.

Think about this too. If you publish a book, it makes a big sales splash when it first hits the market. You make almost all your money right away! For the rest of your life, that book rarely sells.

An SBI site is something that doesn't inevitably shrink. If you keep working it, it should grow. I get such a positive feeling from that. Also...

I own my site, which means I own my own writing. Not some publisher or movie studio. All the proceeds accrue to yours truly. I'm responsible for me, and I don't have to satisfy anyone besides my readers (and the search engines!).

Here's why I'm telling you all this: there's no problem with writing a Site Build It website slowly. If you stick with it (and you're not already 108 years old), it'll grow over time, sure enough. The work you do is never wasted.

So my advice: Don't worry about the time you can't put in, just get started soon and take advantage of the time you can!

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