Diamond in the Rough

by Evelyn Laurine Gresham
(Magnolia, NJ, US)

Brown Little Babies

Brown Little Babies

I have been writing poetry and children's stories since I was young. I tried sending my stories to conventional publishers, only to be rejected many times over.

When I was in college I had to do a class project. I had to make up a story and read it to the class. So I decided to use one of my children's stories. When I was done, the whole class asked me why I didn't publish the story. It got me to thinking: I should try to self publish.

Right around the time I thought about doing so I got very sick and had to apply for permanent disability. It was a hard time in my life, and my stories just sat there, never seen.

Two years later I got approved for disability, and they gave me all the money that was past due. So I stepped out on faith and took some of the money to pay for my book.

I designed the whole book myself and discovered I can draw, so I drew all the illustrations also. I really enjoyed the creative part of putting the book together. I also didn't realize how much it costs you every time you make a mistake. It taught me to proofread.

(I used Xlibris.)

Marketing has been the most challenging for me. Because I am disabled and cannot get out to advertise my book, I try to do it online. I have a wonderful website, and my biggest dream is to sell my book online from home.

You need money to advertise. My first step was looking into ways to advertise for free online. I market on places like myspace, facebook, craigslist, etc. I'm striving to learn more and more about internet business, and I don't ever regret moving forward with this. I am living my dream!

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Jun 10, 2008
What a cute little girl on the cover!
by: Steve B.

Evelyn, thanks for sharing.

Looking at your site, I don't see your drawings!

I'm wondering also how you drive traffic to your site.

And I'm wishing the Little Evie doll looked a little happier!

You're "living your dream" though. That's the important thing. Congratulations!

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