Detailed or Cartoonish!

by Angela Walker
(Riverside, CA 92504)

Goldilocks tale with a twist

Goldilocks tale with a twist

Goldilocks tale with a twist
Different look at Red Riding Hood
A Page from the 3 Little Pigs
Animals of the Galápagos Islands Project

Legend has it that I was born with a crayon in my hand, but really, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I have always enjoyed telling stories through pictures.

I attended school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco majoring in Illustration (B.F.A.), and at Woodbury University I majored in Animation (B.F.A.). In order to help put myself through college, I worked professionally as a Graphic Designer putting together book/magazine layouts, brochures, and designing logos for a variety of companies. The fact that I could draw traditionally made me a better asset to my clients because I could create unique pieces of art specifically for each client's needs.


I like to scan my pencil drawings into the computer, and then I tend to use the pencil drawn characters as templates and redraw them into the computer (vector drawing using Freehand or Illustrator) and then use the cleaned pencil drawn backgrounds as a part of the Photoshop color background. I can work well in both traditional drawing or digital art; the same applies for black/white line art as well as color.

I can work in a more detailed style (tighter, more realistic) or a cartoonish style (silly, exaggerated features) both with different price brackets.

• My detailed style is more graphic novel or comic book looking and very detailed (the humans look "human" and the animals aren't anamorphic). This style requires a lot more time so that I can get the detail right.

• My cartoonish style is heavy on the stylized or playful side, yet not as detailed as my other illustrations. These pieces have more of a “cartoon” look and are easier to produce and less time consuming. As a result, the use of this style provides quicker results at a reduced fee (25% less) for the client.

I like to do quick turn-arounds as I work so that the project continually flows. I am able to produce illustrations at any resolution or size that you desire. I can send work in most any format, via e-mail or Drop Box.

Work Ethic:

Feedback is VERY important! As much as I would like to, I can't read people's minds- so the more details my clients can give me, the clearer my ideas come for their projects! I prefer good communication with my clients and provide personal one-on-one attention.

Starting with the character development works best for me; once I get the characters down then that helps me build their surroundings. I submit several samples of each character for the author’s consideration. Once the characters are approved, I begin the layout, consisting of text placement and scene development. Once completed, page roughs are then sent to the client periodically to mark progress.

For both styles I do research for the piece (themes, eras, clothing, time of day, backgrounds, etc.) Then I work out 2 or 3 sketches in pencil & consult with the client in order to see which idea matches their idea. I make revisions based on my client's notes or input and submit the revisions for approval. We continue this method for each stage of the process all the way to finish.

I often give advice/suggestions regarding changes in the manuscript if I believe it will affect the illustrations and improve the book overall. For example: sometimes alterations must be made in order for the book to print correctly or the layout or color choices could need corrections so that they all flow together more concisely.

I would prefer to do the book cover as well (it helps keep the same feel and consistency inside and out!), however, please keep in mind that it is optional and a separate fee (stated above).

Thanks for taking the time to consider me for your project. I will do my best to make your story turn out the way you always imagined it to be!!


I'm flexible so please keep in mind that all fees are negotiable, and I am providing this list for the sole purpose of giving you, the client, an idea of what to expect. Every project is unique, and I take that into consideration.

Detailed Style

For Full Color interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $50
1/2 page - $100
full page - $150
two page spread - $250

For Black & White interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $25
1/2 page - $50
full page - $100
two page spread - $175

Cartoonish Style

For Full Color interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $37.50
1/2 page - $75.00
full page - $112.50
two page spread - $187.50

For Black & White interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $18.75
1/2 page - $37.50
full page - $75.00
two page spread - $131.25

Full color cover (front only) - $200
(wrap around) - $275

Cover prices are fixed, regardless of style choice.


Payment will be contracted and shall be paid in thirds.

*1/3 due upon approval of layout and all sketches.
*1/3 due upon completion of all color illustrations.
*1/3 due upon delivery of completed project.


If you decide to work with me - upon hiring, I will send a contract that is for our mutual benefit, detailing all aspects of the project and specifying time limits, as well as covering issues of copyright and ownership of the illustrations. If you have a contract that you would prefer, I am open to considering it.

Contact Angela.

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