Cute and simple

by Hasib Zaman
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

parrots and hippo

parrots and hippo

parrots and hippo
pink polka dot car
kitty cat book cover - your title here!
scared of dogs!

Cute and simple children's book illustrations

What should I say about my illustration? Illustration is the one thing I live for. It the best thing in the world to describe characters visually. It is the illustration that makes the first link with a child and makes him to move on with the book. It is the illustration that tells the story, and I love to think that at some corner of the earth one of my characters are telling story to a little child.

Why "simple"

I believe that most of the time complex illustration fails to deliver the story. The concentration of the reader becomes locked in illustration rather then the story. Then it becomes an artwork independent from the story. That's why I deliver simple forms.

On the other hand, children of 2-5 years of age can't concentrate on lots of stuff at a time. So it is easier for them if you create less distraction. For example, a realistic illustration of a cat vs the character Ogy. children are found of Ogy because of its simplicity.

My way to work: I love working in a disciplined manner. First I read the full story, Then I discuss with the author if he already has a picture in his imagination of the characters. Then I give my opinion and, after discussing, I start to establish the characters. Then I go for the story board.

After getting approval of author about the storyboard I come out head banging and rock on. There starts the happy illustrating!

When I get home in the afternoon, my wife sometimes asks, “Honey, what have you been doing at work today?” I reply: “I stood all day long and only created a little boy who will tell a story to little children at night.”

Do I love my job? YES! Please mail me on demand: Hasib.

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