The Curious Garden

by Peter Brown

Peter Brown's The Curious Garden

Book review by Isabella Thompson

Ages 4-8

Small hands can do big things

A dream, a desire, and sometimes even a wish are more often than not the birthplaces of change-fertile ground if you will. This story pays homage to that idea and dares us to believe as well.

The illustrations are colorful and classic while possessing a sort of modern edge to them, allowing the reader to envision the world as Liam our main character does; hopeful, colorful and alive.

Liam "thinks green" and adds color to a once dingy world after happening upon a patch of plant life on an old, abandoned railway. He was new to gardening however, and as a novice his approach necessitated a bit of practice in the beginning.

But the plants were patient with Liam. They allowed him time to become more proficient as a gardener because they knew that his time and dedication would enable them to flourish. And that is exactly what happened. Liam's vision of a greener planet could not be contained in one small, remote area.

It became a contagion of inspiration, spreading beyond its former boundaries with others grasping the concept. Nature was blossoming and spreading across landscapes, climbing buildings, and filling vacant areas in need of natural décor.

This endearing story shares a child's ingredients for making a personal contribution in the effort to create a positive change in his world. And he does so in a relevant and applicable way. Liam's green thumb, a helping each of diligence, perseverance, and patience combined with preparation and topped off with a bit of trust resulted in a vision that others eventually embraced and duplicated.

The Curious Garden speaks to our humanity; that need to create, to connect, and grow. It resonates with the spirit of resilience and renewal. This book reminds the reader that the most unlikely places are teeming with possibilities. And it affirms that our perspective has a tremendous impact on what we can accomplish regardless of how small or how young we are.

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