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Cricket Magazine and the
The Cricket Family of Magazines

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Ages 6 mos. to 3 yrs.

  • Babybug

Ages 3-6

  • Ladybug
  • Click

Ages 6-9

  • Ask
  • Spider

Ages 9-14

  • Cricket
  • Dig
  • Cobblestone
  • Muse
  • Faces


  • Cicada

Practically ad-free. Quietly, subtly illustrated. More reminiscent of classic children's books than of modern-day glossy children's magazines that almost seem to be shouting at your child.

"Look at me! Not the TV!"

Well, if you're the kind of responsible parent who puts limits on TV-watching, it's an excellent bet that the Cricket family of magazines will appeal to you. And your child.

These are magazines for readers, present and future

Some of the magazines are photo-based, others drawing-based, but all have a picture-to-text ratio that feels just right for the age of child they're aimed at.

You probably don't know just how many Cricket Magazines there are to choose from. I didn't. Just look.

For 6 months to 3 years

"the listening and looking magazine for infants and toddlers...just right for small hands...filled with simple stories and rhymes and bright, engaging pictures."

For 3 years to 6 years

"opens the door to reading for children ages 2 to 6...filled with page after page of enchanting stories and poems to read aloud...just the right length for a cozy cuddle."

"the children's magazine of science and exploration...satisfies the craving to learn that comes naturally to young children." Winner of the EdPress Golden Lamp Award for Distinguished Achievement.

For 6 years to 9 years

"about science, history, and more...everything from dinosaurs to cathedrals, from distant stars to microbes."

  • Spider Magazine

  • "filled with fun stories, poems, and activities perfectly pitched for newly independent readers and learners."

    For 9 years to 14 years

    "For 30 years, CRICKET magazine has delighted and entertained young readers. It has won virtually every award given to kids' literary magazines."

  • Dig Magazine

  • "Published in partnership with Archaeology magazine, Dig is the perfect archaeology and exploration magazine for kids."

  • Cobblestone Magazine

  • "Explore American award-winning magazine....Kids will enjoy reading about important American events and places."

  • Muse Magazine

  • "a science magazine, a history magazine, and an art magazine--all rolled into one!...a guidebook for intellectual exploration."

  • Faces Magazine

  • "takes kids on a journey across the continents....Each issue focuses on a different culture."

    For Teens

    "a magazine for young adults who appreciate terrific writing. Its 128 pages of exceptional stories and poems are thought-provoking, entertaining, and often humorous."

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