A Crash Course for Molly
by Eva Eriksson

A Crash Course for Molly
Children's book review by P.J. Rooks

Ages 3+

A learning-to-ride-a-bike book

Originally printed in Sweden then translated into English, A Crash Course for Molly is the sweet story of a sincere little pig who is learning to ride a bike.

cropped image from A Crash Course for Molly

Chatty and gently amused, Eva Erikkson draws a down-to-earth picture of how things really go the first few times around on a bike.

"Molly is big and smart. Now she can ride a bike," she writes. Here proud Molly hops on her bike and promptly falls back off.

"Oops," continues Erikkson's good-natured narrative, "she really can ride her bike."

Molly means well and is doing her very best, but, well, she's a bit of a holy terror on her bike. Grandma keeps warning Molly to look out for things. So she does -- she looks and looks, then crashes right into them.

When she hits a pole, it's not the end of the world, but when she crashes into the driving instructor, everyone is upset.

The gracious instructor, however, sees the error in Molly's thinking and teaches her how to look at where she's going rather than at obstacles she's trying to avoid.

A Crash Course for Molly is a very cute little book with lessons for kids both on bike riding and perseverance.

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