Coming Home

by Natalie Terry

house smiling

The second I walk through the door,
I crave the thing I’ve smelled before.

The smell I smell makes my senses spike.
I know it’s something I more than like.

I smell sweet, yummy chocolate.
A baked treat I truly like a lot.

And the smell is so very comforting
Coming home makes me want to sing.

What is that melodious sound I hear?
It’s a sound I know that is always near.

The sound I hear makes my senses spike.
It’s something that I more than like.

I hear the lovely sound of singing.
It’s as the sound of soft bells ringing.

And the sound brings me such delight.
Coming home- my mother is a beautiful sight.

Oh, this is a sight I love to see.
My mother is baking happily.

The sight I see makes my senses spike.
It’s something that I more than like.

She’s graceful as she moves around.
She smiles and turns when she hears my sound.

My mother looks extremely gleeful.
Coming home makes me feel so peaceful.

I feel my mother’s gentle squeeze.
Her soft kiss puts my heart at ease.

The touch I feel makes my senses spike.
It’s something that I more than like.

Mother dances with me to her song.
With happiness, I sing along.

Her soothing touch is all I need.
Coming home I am loved indeed.

This love I have for mother’s treats
Are not because they’re tasty sweet.

The tastes I taste make my senses spike
It’s something that I more than like.

I eat my mother’s cookies fast
But it’s her love that’ll always last.

The chocolaty taste is just so sweet.
Yet, it’s coming home that makes me feel complete.

The End

Copyright Natalie Terry 2011

The author lives in Idaho, USA.

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