Illustrator and Comic Artist!

by Tara

Electric City Cover, Scranton, PA November 2009

Electric City Cover, Scranton, PA November 2009


My name is Tara O'Connor. I'm a recent graduate of Marywood University. I earned my degree in Art Education and obtained a minor in Illustration.

I've been drawing since I can remember, and recently I've been working on commission for those who are interested in my work. I also work on my own personal projects, such as graphic novels and mini comics. I've also done a cover illustration for a local newspaper in my college town.

My style is very comic influenced, but it has some realistic qualities. I can always go the extra mile to make it a bit more cartoony or a bit more realistic, based on the clientele. I usually work with brush pens, and I'm a fan of black and white art, but I am more than willing to add color to the mix.

Fees are negotiable and dependent on projects, and I'd be more than willing to produce sample sketches.

Even though it's likely that most our communication will take place through the internet, I like to keep in close contact with my clients so that they are supremely satisfied with their choice!

In addition to the sample I've provided (a local entertainment newspaper cover) I have a site where my artwork can be found: look for Ginger Curls.

You can contact me by e-mail:

Thank you very much for looking!

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Imagination Has No Limit

by Dustin Catlett
(Martinsburg, WV)

Comic Book Cover Spread. Front and Back Cover

Comic Book Cover Spread. Front and Back Cover

Comic Book Cover Spread. Front and Back Cover
Character Design for
Watching the Storm, soft pastel
Moonlit Couple, soft pastel

My name is Dustin Catlett, and I've been illustrating professionally since 2001.

I specialize in children's books, comic books, manga, logos, comic portraits, and any type of illustration you need.

My style can range from realistic to cartoon, and my tools consist of pencil, ink, soft pastel, and digital color (coloring on the computer using Photoshop).

My price rates are $15/hr., and I will do sample sketches for free before we get started.

I can be reached at

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Illustrator & Fine Artist

by Warwick Goldswain
(Cape Town)

Illustration Portfolio

Illustration Portfolio

South African Fine Artist/Illustrator

My artwork is versatile and dynamic. I illustrate and paint in traditional and digital media.

I am based in Cape Town, where I majored in Painting, Art Theory & New Media (BA Fine Arts Degree).

My rates vary depending on the style and type of project. I am fully Mac proficient and work with a variety of design and illustration programs.

You can drop me a mail at:

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Comical, Friendly Pictures

Pictures for calendars

Pictures for calendars

Pictures for calendars
'So which one of these do you want me to eat?'
Part of a 'swing' story
Part of a 'Rain cloud and sun conversation'

Comical, friendly, pictures that make you smile

My name is Nisha. I love making people laugh, which is why, you might notice, that most of my drawings have a funny side to them.

My style involves hand-drawn pencil and paper art, which is then inked and scanned. Most of it is thus in black and white. I believe this is what I am best at.

There wouldn't be any relevant schooling that I could mention as I am a self taught artist and it is only my love for drawing that makes me do more and more of it. As for experience, I have done pictures for the calendar of an ad agency in Dubai (one picture for each month for 2015 and 2016. The colouring for this was done by the designers at the agency). Beyond that, my work has mostly been personal - doing pictures for my own pleasure and to please others.

Pictures aid the reader in grasping, imagining, and understanding the story to its fullest. Being a book-lover myself, I can tell you about many stories and books that I remember only because of their wonderful pictures. In fact, one of the factors I look at while choosing storybooks for my children is their pictures. I have often noticed my son studying the pictures in the storybook as I read it out to him, so, obviously, it makes a lot of difference.

I would be willing to do a few sample sketches for the client if it would help him understand my work better.

(psst... I also do English editing!)

I can be contacted at


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