Pencil / Colored Pencil Artist

by Zetta Hupf

The Tree Fort Gang

The Tree Fort Gang

The Tree Fort Gang
The Bluebird (and Blue Eyes) of Happiness
Home Sweet Mushroom
Doggie Love

Children's Book Illustrator ~~ Zetta Hupf

I have had a love for illustrating since childhood. My illustrations are done freehand and with love & compassion. I use a variety of mediums:

- Pencils
- Colored Pencils
- Markers, and
- Ink

I also use a computer program (Corel Painter). I create full color, black & white and coloring page illustrations.

My favorite mediums for illustrating are pencils and colored pencils. They bring a cute and adorable touch to drawings & illustrations that children can relate to. I truly love creating characters based on real animals and children. And I specialize in children's picture books.

After drawing with pencils and colored pencils, the artwork is scanned in. It is either complete at this point or enhanced using Corel Painter. Of course, the work is sent to you for your approval. I will work very closely with you to ensure the illustrations fit your needs.

My fees are negotiable, and I'm willing to create character sketches to start the assignment process.

I have authored and illustrated 4 children's picture books with my son being the co-author.

I take great pride in creating illustrations that bring your story books to life. And I truly enjoy watching the book take shape with each illustration, from start to finish.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for your illustration needs. Best wishes!

Contact me for more information at

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Oct 15, 2011
Review of Illustrator, Zetta Hupf
by: Marion McKenney

I am very pleased with the work that Zetta Hupf did for me in illustrating my book, "Cinnamon is Jealous."

I found Zetta to be enthusiastic, willing to make changes and very timely while she was illustrating this book. I like Zetta's style.

I would certainly ask her to illustrate more books for me in the future. I have received wonderful comments about the illustrations.

Thanks again, Zetta.

Dec 26, 2010
by: Helen Kuenstler

Working with Zetta was fantastic! She was open to any suggestions and changes and made the entire illustration process enjoyable. Her work was perfect and captured the characters exactly how I'd imagined them.
I have nothing left to say but THANK YOU, Zetta! You rock!

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Illustrations by the Mother of Family Ideas

by Kas Winters
(Glendale, AZ, USA)



Kas Winters, the mother of family ideas, relates well to children.

As a mother, grandmother and someone who has been involved with scouting and numerous other children's groups throughout her lifetime, she knows what children enjoy.

Her bright and colorful illustrations capture expressions and feelings. They enhance the stories she illustrates.

Using colored pencils and watercolor pencils as her preferred tools, Winters finds that she gets smiles and giggles from children who read the books she illustrates.

She has illustrated 19 books, mostly children's stories, and is open to the possibility of adding her pictures to more books for children.

Visit Kas's website.

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Art For You

by Marika

A Manga and Dragon Artwork

A Manga and Dragon Artwork

A Manga and Dragon Artwork
Mother Nature Fairy
Ninja Boy
Manga Boy with his Pets

My art is colorful, pretty, and expressive, mainly done in coloured pencil or black and white.

I enjoy doing faces and bright backgrounds, I have a variety of styles and am fairly flexible.

-theme portraits

Contact me at Art 4 U Creative Portraits.

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Illustrating with heart

by Gerri Gusnadi, a.k.a Fleas
(Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia)

Fairies in My Backyard (by Gerri Gusnadi)

Fairies in My Backyard (by Gerri Gusnadi)

Hi. I'm Gerri. I'm a professional illustrator.

I am interested only in colored pencil and pen. My works have been used for many purposes by my clients. Children, nature and people's behavior are my sources of inspiration.

I work with heart. I put soul into my drawings. I think that's the best way to make the best work.

You can see my other work on Facebook account, at Fleas Illustrator, or e mail.

I hope you like it.

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Colorful Splendor

by Kaleb Bryan

Colored Pencil, this is an illustration of Snow White that I imagined and needed to get on paper.

Colored Pencil, this is an illustration of Snow White that I imagined and needed to get on paper.

Colored Pencil, this is an illustration of Snow White that I imagined and needed to get on paper.
Oil Pastel, this is Beast from Beauty and the Beast
Colored Pencil, this is Lestat and Anne Rice, yearning to seal one last kiss before their parting together.
Colored Pencil, a bit older, but this melancholic scene depicts a lonely and roughened maiden as she reflects in her chambers.

Colorful Splendor: The Art of Kaleb-Bryan

As an artist, I love to bring out the romantic, softened, yet powerful underlying to my work. Though I've only a high school diploma, I've taken a plethora of basic, advanced, and college level art courses.

(If you're familiar with IB, or International Baccalaureate courses, I took IB Visual Arts for a summation of 5 intervals, or about a year and a half.)

Not to mention that I'm serious about my craft, and have spent years perpetuating that fact with independent studies and practice.

I've entered a Scholastic Art and Writing competition, and won a Gold Key for my work.

I enjoy making fantastical human/animal hybrids, Gothic romantic scenes, and conceptual work. I am highly, and most efficiently disciplined with pencils, and very lightly dabbled in watercolor and ink washes.

I will give sketches as a way to audition, and/or take a request for a "Draw what you think of when you read this line of dialogue and text," type of template.

I would love nothing more than to prove myself and give you the best work to suit your lovely stories. You can reach me at

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