Choosing Createspace over Lulu

by Rhonda Patton

Ted and Raymond Adventures

Ted and Raymond Adventures

Inspiring kids to be better...

I am a self-published writer for children/teens.

I have books at and

For a year now I have researched and made mistakes to get where I am at. My books are about teaching patience, fulfilling dreams, not giving up, accepting differences and much more.

Every one of the books teaches kids to act better or be a better person.

I did not have the funds to publish, so I researched self-publishing. I first went with Lulu, because they would let you print books with real short stories.

I felt the quality of the print was not good at all. Several books I ordered for myself and others came out yellowish.

Leaving Lulu for CreateSpace

With more research, I found CreateSpace. I had to have a minimum of pages to have it submitted, and they also told me where mistakes were in the books.

I am very pleased with CreateSpace, because you can pay a small fee of $25 to get published worldwide, plus you get it on Amazon as well.

With Lulu you have to pay $75, plus you also have to pay more for your book and mark it way up in price to make any profit at all.

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Apr 19, 2015
Very helpful
by: staci

What you did was answer a very common question directly and simply. Thank you.

Dec 21, 2012
Is CreateSpace helping any more than Lulu did?
by: Steve B.

Rhonda, thanks for stopping by. I'm afraid I didn't give you very many stars because you didn't tell us much about your self-publishing journey. What have you learned? How are you marketing? Are you selling many books?

And it looks like the books are still available on Lulu. Do tell!

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