Chippy the Chipmunk
by Sarah Willis

Chippy the Chipmunk is scared...and she should be!

Little Chippy the chipmunk was playing in her yard one bright and sunny day.

Running up and down the paths in the vegetable garden as usual, when all of a sudden out of the corner of her eye she spotted something she had never seen in her yard before.

Unsure of what exactly it was she ducked behind the tomatoes and carefully peeked around a ripe red tomato.

She watched the curious creature that was pouncing at all of the butterflies as they danced around the freshly bloomed lillies.

Chippy was very inquisitive for such a small chipmunk, so she thought she would try to get a better look at the fascinating creature in her yard.

Chippy decided that the best way to accomplish this task would be to climb up the tomato plant.

As she perched carefully on top of a tomato watching this fascinating new creature she noticed that now it was watching her as well.

Suddenly Chippy didn't feel so brave or curious anymore.

As the mysterious creature crept closer and closer to Chippy, she realized what the creature was.

It was a CAT!!

Chippy began to feel very nervous. She turned to back down the tomato plant when suddenly, SNAP, the limb broke and Chippy was mere inches from the cat.

The cat pounced and Chippy jumped and ran barely escaping the claws of the cat.

Chippy ran as fast as her little legs would carry her.

The cat was close behind her as she weaved back and forth through the garden.

She made it to the hole in the fence and squeezed through just in time.

But still very scared she kept running and running.

Then getting tired she slowed down and looked around only to realize that she had no idea where she was.

There were no flowers, no butterflies, no garden, no yard. Only tall buildings and noisy people.

Chippy darted in and out of alley ways. Searching for her way home.

Feeling lost and defeated Chippy crawled into a pile of old newspaper and curled up and fell fast asleep.

After sometime Chippy woke up feeling warm and cozy.

Chippy rubbed her sleepy little eyes and looked at the nice warm blanket like fur that was keeping her warm.

Then she turned over to see that attached to it was a whole CAT!

Chippy jumped up scared. She started to run but tripped.

All the commotion woke up the sleeping cat.

The cat jumped up and ran over to Chippy who at this point had ran into a corner with nowhere to go.

Chippy was curled up in a little ball covering her face, trembling with fear.

The cat looked at Chippy and said "little chipmunk, please don't be scared. I won't hurt you. I only wanted to play, I promise."

Chippy looked up at the cat, still a little nervous and said, "You mean, you weren't going to, to eat me?"

"No, of course not, I just wanted a friend," said the cat smiling.

Relieved, Chippy stood up and smiled at the cat, "Well in that case, my name is Chippy. What's your name?"

The cat reached out her paw to shake Chippy's hand, "My name is Catirina, nice to meet you."

Chippy placed her tiny paw in the paw of Catirina, and with the slyness of a fox Catirina snatched up Chippy, and with one big CHOMP, Catirina ate Chippy.

Then licking her paws, satisfied, Catirina happily pranced home.

Back to her garden to her baby kittens that were waiting on their momma cat to come feed them.

They all nuzzled up to Catirina and drank nice warm milk till they all fell asleep, safe and sound.

The End

┬ęSarah Willis 2014

The author lives in Missouri, USA.

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Webmaster's note: The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes is Beatrix Potter's classic, gorgeously illustrated story of a silly squirrel and his chipmunk companion, Chippy Hackee. And get this: we turned it into a downloadable coloring storybook!

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