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Age guidelines are a ROUGH measure for younger children. A book at a 1st grade reading level can be read TO a 2 year old!

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Looking to have your children's book reviewed?

Note from Steve Barancik:

For a long time, this site only had the few children's book reviews I'd found time to write...

Then I put out word that the site was looking for a book reviewer. And then the perfect one walked in the (virtual) door.

And then in walked a second. And a third. Suddenly I'm swimming in children's book reviews!

These people don't just meet my highest expectations; they exceed them. I think you'll agree when you read their work.

Pam Rooks
P.J. Rooks (PJR) is mom to little Claire. Thus, she's our specialist in books for young children. Here's P.J.'s bio.

P.J. has a special interest in books that promote emotional and intellectual intelligence and awareness. And by the way: P.J. only reviews books that she recommends!

Suzanne Holland
Suzanne Holland (SH) has been a kindergarten teacher for nine years, indulging her love of writing with humorous (but informational!) web updates for the moms and dads of her students.

Her kids' books specialty is younger children, but she also brings us a love of elementary books, especially biographies, history, mysteries, and Christian, as well as science and nature. You'll almost sense the children gathered on the floor around her feet as you read her children's book reviews!

Read Suzanne Holland's bio.

woman climbing tree
Sarah Denslow (SD) is a recent college graduate (Ivy League! Honors degree in English Literature!) who now teaches preschool. She enjoys fantasy/magical books aimed at older kids, and of course picture books.

When reading her children's book reviews, know that she prefers books that encourage good values and behavior. Sarah also does a fair amount of writing for herself. Ask her about her 60 page paper on Beowulf!

Read Sarah Denslow's bio.

Anita Lock
Anita Lock (AL) is a mom and a grandmom, with a Bachelor's in Music Education and a Master's in Library Science. She has been a preschool teacher, a home educator, a teacher's aide, a tutor, a music instructor...and a D.J.! She hopes to expand your reading list, so she's out there hunting for what's great.

Read Anita Lock's bio.

Sabine Algur
Sabine Algur (SA) reviews for us from India! She's a publishing professional, an editor who worked for one of India's top publishing houses, and she has a degree in English Literature.

Sabine has traveled the world, and we couldn't be more flattered that when she wanted to share her opinions about children's books with the world, she chose to do so with us!

Read Heather Job's bio.

Heather Job
Heather Job (HJ) is a graduate of Coe College with a degree in Creative Writing and Communication Studies. While she pursues a career in children's books, she's keeping busy by reviewing for us!

Heather read half the Harry Potter series during the summer between second and third grade, yet her passion for kidlit has only increased. We love how she shares that enthusiasm.

Read Heather Job's bio.

Ramona Davis
Ramona Davis (RD) is a poet, an essayist, and a writer of fiction. She owned a publishing company, organizes and teaches writing workshops, and owns a professional editing service. She volunteers as an adult literacy tutor as well.

Ramona has a degree in Creative Writing and credits her parents with her love of books and reading.

Read Ramona Davis's bio.

Cathy Friend
Hailing from Australia, Cathy Friend (CF) started reviewing for us at the ripe old age of eighteen. A voracious reader with a sense of humor. Her other interests are God, writing, music, and the smell of books. She's pursuing an undergraduate degree, but the subject seems a bit up in the air.

Cathy thinks we here in the states spell kind of funny.

Read Cathy Friend's bio.

Natasha Withers children's book reviews

Natasha Withers (NW) is an only child whose mom knew to load her up with books books books to help fill the time! As a college student, Natasha rediscovered her love of children's books (and creative writing). She's working on her own book series, and she does everything she can to keep her younger cousins as excited about reading as she is.

Read Natasha Withers' bio.

Jane Finch children's book reviews
Jane Finch (JF) has been an English Family Law practitioner and a homeschooling mom. She resides in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom. She likes books that strike a wholesome note.

An author herself, Jane specializes in UK children's book reviews and Christian children's books as well.

Read Jane Finch's bio.

Suzanne Edison children's book reviews

Known for her essays and poetry, Suzanne Edison (SEE) now treats us to her children's book reviews. With backgrounds in psychotherapy and education, Suzanne aims to focus on poetry for children of all ages, nature, graphic fiction/non-fiction, non-religious spirituality, adoption, and anti-bias.

Read Suzanne Edison's bio.

Monica Friedman

Monica Friedman (MF) is a born writer, with the credits, the MFA, and the scarring to prove it. She's also got a tremendous sense of humor.

Read Monica Friedman's bio.

Karen Nelson children's book reviews

Karen Nelson (KN)

Karen is a stay at home mom with three kids, a Vet Tech degree from North Dakota State University, and a certificate in Medical Transcription.

Karen enjoys crafts, gardening, cooking, and reading. And that includes reading to her children, of course!

Read Karen Nelson's bio.

Isabella Thompson children's book reviews

Isabella Thompson (IT) is a former homeschooling mother of four avid readers and holds high standards for the books she lets into her life. She "relish[es] books with love and compassion as the main theme and those that portray characters living true to themselves and influencing others to do likewise."

Read Isabella Thompson's bio.

Sherri Trudgian children's book reviews

Sherri Trudgian (ST) is a mother, grandmother and the author of the Psalms for Kidz series.

Sherri knows kids are "giant sponges," and she wants to make sure they soak up the good stuff. She reviews both secular and Christian children's books.

Read Sherri Trudgian's bio.

Tamara Splingaerd
Tamara Splingaerd (TS) wants to be Eloise, but she's going to have to settle for reviewing Eloise. She's lived just about everywhere, but the one thing she always brings with her is her children's book library.

Blessed with a great sense of humor, she reviews from a parent's perspective - a parent who knows the kids always win. Her love of children's literature and her desire to write them mean we'll probably be reviewing her books before too long.

Read Tamara Splingaerd's bio.

Susan Syddall
Susan Syddall (SS) is a teacher with a Masters and a homeschooling mom of two in Australia. She's taught in both Australia and Hong Kong, she's set up a preschool, and the "book bag" she takes with her and the boys to the library is actually a box on wheels!

Read Susan Syddall's bio.

Rosalyne Bowmile
Rosalyne Bowmile (RB) is an artist who brings a background as a daycare director and degrees in both Sociology and Children's Media to the mix. She has a particular interest in children's novels (she blogs about them!). She hails from Toronto, Canada, and seems to find a lot of great British books we don't hear enough about.

Read Rosalyne Bowmile's bio.

Steve Barancik
Steve Barancik (SB) is the creator of this site and the author of the Children's Behavior Books. He is prouder than you can know that his site has attracted such a tremendous set of reviewers.

Steve believes that there's no better predictor of a child's future success than the degree of that child's interest in reading. That's why this site is devoted to helping parents keep their children interested!

Read Steve Barancik's ridiculously long bio.

Other Children's Book Reviewers:

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Of course, we're big fans of libraries too. No matter where you live, we recommend for finding books at the library nearest you.

Finally, did you ever think a children's book might help your child overcome a problem behavior? It can. Learn more about my Child Behavior eBooks.

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