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I don't remember my parents subscribing me to any children's magazines as a child. Still, they did something just as good...

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They themselves read the newspaper every day.

Boy, did that have an effect on me! I got the message that reading regularly was something people just do. It was how you kept up with the world. I began reading the newspaper - the parts that interested me - as soon as I could manage.

And when I left home for college, the first thing I did was order up the local newspaper. I couldn't even imagine not reading the news regularly.

Today, I'm thankful

Without even meaning to, my parents instilled in me a regular reading habit. They conveyed that it was important to keep informed. Now, as a result, I can consider myself a citizen of this nation and the world.

I have an idea what's going on. I have opinions. I vote. I'll even write a letter to the editor now and again.

I want the same thing for kids growing up now. And the best way to get it may be children's magazines.

It's a fact: fewer parents are reading newspapers

Instead of newspapers, you may get your news from TV, but TV makes an entirely different impression on your child. Namely...

It's important to watch TV.

The message your children get if you get your news from the computer isn't much better. Believe me, your children are going to spend enough of their lives on the computer, and the "reading" they'll do there won't often enrich them.

All that makes children's magazines more important than ever

A periodical is a gift that keeps on giving. Of course, part of your job is to provide reinforcement. Be excited with your child when the magazine comes. Be willing to read with your child and/or to hear about what your child learns.

And see if you can't find something to read regularly yourself! The reading you do in front of your children does double-duty: it's reading for you, and it's reading reinforcement for them.

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