Children's Books About
Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Picked from three booklists that encourage healthy eating

These children's books about nutrition and healthy eating were recommended on more than one highly regarded list.

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Bibliotherapy Booklist: Nutrition and Healthy Eating
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Appearing on 3 bibliotherapy booklists

Appearing on 2 bibliotherapy booklists

  • Dinosaurs Alive & Well by Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown
  • The Edible Pyramid by Loreen Leedy
  • Everybody Cooks Rice by Norah Dooley
  • Grandpa's Garden Lunch by Judith Caseley
  • This Is The Way We Eat Our Lunch by Edith Baer and Steve Bj√∂rkman

Children's Nutrition Books Special Mention

from 'Food and Health,' illustrator unknown. (Color added)

Children's books about healthy eating habits are a way to speak to a world in which the eating habits of many children (and adults) have become diseased.

Unfortunately, I was able to find only two lists - from reputable, unbiased sources - of recommended books on the subject. By finding the books that were common to both lists, I hoped to determine the best of the best.

You may also be interested in a printable book about picky eating available from this site. It's the story of a kid who eats only baloney! It's meant to make your child want to eat better.

For more children's books about healthy eating and nutrition, you can view the complete lists the above books were drawn from.

  • University of Wisconsin - Extension: Books with Positive Nutrition Messages for Kids
  • Children's Books about Nutrition from The School Nutrition Association
  • Nancy Keane: Books on a Nutrition Theme

Amazon search results for kids' books about nutrition.

The bibliotherapy page contains more booklists.

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