Children's Books About
Disabilities and Special Needs
(part two)

This is the second half of a list that began here.

Children's Books About Special Needs

I looked at 10 respected resources on the subject of bibliotherapy for and about children with disabilities.

Each site had a list. One had two.

The books that appeared on two lists appear below.

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Children's books about special needs

  • Alex Is My Friend (Wheelchair) by Marisabina Russo
  • Andy Opens Wide (Cerebral Palsy) by Nan Holcomb
  • Apt. 3 (Blindness) by Ezra Jack Keats
  • Arnie and the New Kid (Wheelchair) by Nancy Carlson
  • The Best Fight (Dyslexia) by Anne Schlieper
  • Buddy: The First Seeing Eye Dog (Blindness) by Eva Moore
  • Buster and the Amazing Daisy: Adventures with Asperger's Syndrome by Nancy Ogaz
  • A Button in her Ear (Deafness) by Ada Bassett Litchfield
  • Crazy Lady (Mental Disability) by Jane Leslie Conly
  • Danny and the Merry-Go-Round (Wheelchair) by Nan Holcomb
  • Dinosaur Hill (Cerebral Palsy) by Diana Loski
  • Don't Call Me Special: a First Look at Disability (Assorted Physical Disabilities) by Pat Thomas
  • Eddie Enough! (ADHD) by Debbie Zimmett
  • Fair and Square (Physical Disability) by Nan Holcomb
  • The Ghost of Grania O'Malley (Cerebral Palsy) by Michael Morpurgo
  • The Gift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear by Susan Shreve
  • Handtalk Birthday (Deafness) by Remy Charlip
  • Hi, I'm Adam: A Child's Book About Tourette Syndrome by Adam Buehrens
  • How About a Hug (Down Syndrome) by Nan Holcomb
  • How Dyslexic Benny Became a Star; A Story of Hope for Dyslexic Children and Their Parents by Joe Griffith
  • How It Feels to Live with a Physical Disability (Assorted) by Jill Krementz
  • I'm Like You, You're Like Me: A Child's Book About Understanding and Celebrating Each Other (Assorted disabilities) by Cindy Gainer
  • How Many Days Until Tomorrow? (Dyslexia) by Caroline Janover
  • I'm Deaf, and It's Okay by Lorraine Aseltine
  • I'm Joshua and "Yes I Can" (Cerebral Palsy) by Joan Lenett Whinston
  • Imagine Me on a Sit-Ski! (Cerebral Palsy) by George Moran
  • Joey Pigza Loses Control (ADD) by Jack Gantos
  • Just a Little Different (Wheelchair) by Bonnie Dobkin
  • Kathy's Hats: A Story of Hope (Cancer, Chemotherapy) by T. Krisher
  • Lee, the Rabbit with Epilepsy by Deborah Moss
  • Little Tree: A Story for Children with Serious Medical Problems by Joyce C. Mills
  • Lucy's Pictures (Blindness) by N. Moon
  • The Making of My Special Hand: Madison's Story (Prosthesis) by Jamee Riggio Heelan
  • Mama Zooms (Wheelchair) by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
  • Mandy Sue Day (Blindness) by Roberta Karim
  • The Man Who Loved Clowns (Down's Syndrome) by June Rae Wood
  • Margaret's Moves (Spina Bifida) by Bernice Rabe
  • The Monument (Physical Disability) by Gary Paulsen
  • Moses Goes To a Concert (Deafness) by Isaac Millman
  • My Friend Leslie: The Story of a Handicapped Child (Multiple Physical Disabilities) by Maxine B. Rosenberg
  • My Mom Is Handicapped: A "Grownup" Children's Book (Polio) by Barbara Turner Brabham
  • Now One Foot, Now the Other (Stroke) by Tomie DePaola
  • Pay Attention, Slosh (ADHD) by Mark Smith
  • A Picture Book of Helen Keller (Blindness, Deafness) by David A. Adler
  • Reach for the Moon (Learning Disability) by Samantha Abeel
  • Russ and the Apple Tree Surprise (Down Syndrome) by Janet Elizabeth Rickert
  • The Safe Place (Learning Disability) by Tehila Peterseil
  • Sarah and Puffle: A Story for Children About Diabetes by Linnea
  • Sara's Secret (Cerebral Palsy) by Suzanne Wanous
  • Seal Surfer (Physical Disability) by Michael Foreman
  • Searching the Noonday Trail. (Part of the Gun Lake Gang Adventure series) (Cerebral Palsy) by J. Tuitel
  • Seeing Stick (Blindness) by Jane Yolen
  • Silent Observer (Deafness) by Christy MacKinnon
  • Special People, Special Ways (Assorted Physical and Mental Disabilities) by Arlene Maguire
  • Tibby Tried It (Physical Disability) by Sharon and Ernie Useman
  • Stay Away From Simon! (Mental Disability) by Carol Carrick
  • Stretching Ourselves: Kids With Cerebral Palsy by Alden R. Carter
  • Summer of the Swans (Autism) by Betsy Byars
  • Through Grandpa's Eyes (Blindness) by Patricia MacLachlan
  • A Very Special Sister (Deafness) by Dorothy Hoffman Levi
  • We Can Do It! (Assorted Disabilities) by Laura Dwight
  • We'll Paint the Octopus Red (Down Syndrome) by Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen
  • What It's Like to Be Me (Assorted Disabilities) by Helen Exley
  • What's Wrong With Timmy? (Mental Disabilities) by Maria Shriver
  • Whoa, Nellie! (Wheelchair) by H. Benton
  • Witch's Fire (Wheelchair) by Beverly Butler

Remember, the children's books about handicaps and disabilities that appeared on more lists are here.

The sources from which the books were drawn were:

  • Birmingham (UK) Public Libraries
  • C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
  • Canisius College (NY)
  • Monroe County (IN) Public Library
  • Nancy Keane's Children's Literature Webpage
  • National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities
  • Univ. of S. Carolina Medicine Library
  • Worcester (MA) Public Library

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