Children's Books About
Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

Culled from seven sources

These children's books about alcoholism and drug abuse were recommended on more than one highly regarded list.

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Children's books about alcoholism and drug abuse
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Appearing on 3 bibliotherapy lists

  • I Can Talk About What Hurts: A Book for Kids in Homes Where There's Chemical Dependency by Janet Sinberg

Appearing on 2 bibliotherapy lists

  • Alateen-A Day At A Time
  • Alateen-Hope for Children of Alcoholics
  • Daddy Doesn't Have to Be a Giant Anymore by Thomas Jane Resh
  • Danger: Cocaine by Ruth Chier
  • Danger: Crack by Ruth Chier
  • Danger: Marijuana by Ruth Chier
  • Focus on Cocaine and Crack by Jeffery Shulman
  • Kids' Power Too: Words To Grow By by Cathey Brown, Betty LaPorte and Jerry Moe
  • Living Today in Alateen
  • My Dad Loves Me, My Dad has a Disease by Claudia Black
  • Think of Wind by Catherine Mercury
  • Up and Down the Mountain: Helping Children Cope with Parental Alcoholism by Pamela Leib Higgins

Children's Books About Substance Abuse Special Mentions

Drug abuse and alcoholism - bibliotherapy

I found a number of respected lists of children's books addressing the issue of having a family member with a substance abuse problem.

For more bibliotherapy books about drug abuse and alcoholism, you can view the complete lists the above books were drawn from.

  • Alanon and Alateen books
  • Allen County (Indiana) Public Library: Alcohol and Drugs
  • Betty Ford Center: Children's Resources
  • Bibliotherapy Education Project
  • C.S. Mott Children's Hospital Substance Abuse Resource List
  • Girl Power (U.S. Dep't of Health and Human Services): You Are Not Alone
  • Nancy Keane dot com: For Younger Children, Alcoholic Parent, and Drug Abuse

Amazon search results for children's books about alcoholism.

Substance abuse can lead to lots of different problems. Check out our bibliotherapy page for more lists.

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