Children's Books About
Adoption and Foster Care

Culled from seven sources

These children's books about adoption and foster care were recommended on more than one highly regarded bibliotherapy list.

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Books about adoption and foster care
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Appearing on 4 bibliotherapy booklists

Appearing on 3 bibliotherapy booklists

  • All About Adoption: How Families are Made and How Kids Feel About It by Marc A. Nemiroff
  • Koala for Katie by Jonathan London
  • Let's Talk About It: Adoption by Fred Rogers
  • Little Miss Spider by David Kirk
  • Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale by Karen Katz
  • You're Not My Real Mother! by Molly Friedrich

Appearing on 2 bibliotherapy booklists

  • Adoption by Jillian Powell
  • Adoption is for Always by Linda Walvoord Girard
  • Allison by Allen Say
  • Brown Like Me by Noelle Lamperti
  • Carolyn's Story: A Book About an Adopted Girl by Perry Schwartz
  • Don't Think Twice by Ruth Pennebaker
  • Families are Different by Nina Pellegrini
  • How I Was Adopted: Samantha's Story by Joanna Cole
  • Is That Your Sister? by Catherine Bunin
  • Just Add One Chinese Sister by Patricia McMahon and Conor Clarke McCarthy
  • A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza
  • My Family Is Forever by Nancy L. Carlson
  • My New Family: A First Look at Adoption by Pat Thomas
  • A New Barker in the House by Tommie de Paola
  • Our Baby From China: An Adoption Story by Nancy D'Antonio
  • Our Twitchy by Kes Gray
  • Pablo's Tree by Pat Mora
  • Pinky and Rex and the New Baby by James Howe
  • The Red Blanket by Eliza Thomas
  • Tell Me a Real Adoption Story by Betty Jean Lifton
  • Through Moon and Stars and Night Skies by Ann Warren Turner
  • We Adopted you, Benjamin Koo by Linda Walvoord Girard
  • We Wanted You by Liz Rosenberg,
  • When You Were Born In China: A Memory Book for Children Adopted from China by Sara Dorow
  • Youn Hee and Me by C.S. Adler
  • Zachary's New Home by Geraldine Blomquist

Adoption Books/Foster Care Books - Special Mention

Bibliotherapy - Children's books about foster care and adoption

The seven sources I consulted were:

from Goody Two-Shoes, author and illustrator unknown, 1988
  • Cynthia Leitich Smith's website - An American Library Association "Great Web Site"
  • Daily Dose of Reading - Pediatricians and Families Partnering to Promote Literacy
  • Elmhurst (Illinois) Public Library
  • Louisville (Kentucky) Free Public Library
  • Notes from the Windowsill - Celebrating Children's Books Loved by Adult Readers
  • Seattle (Washington) Public Library
  • Wilmette (Illinois) Public Library

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