Children's Book Specialty

by Diane Lucas
(Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Diane Lucas people

Diane Lucas people

Diane Lucas people
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I am a professional illustrator who has enjoyed illustrating dozens of books for self-publishers.

My preferred style is whimsical, but I can illustrate in a variety of fashions. I can work in whatever style the writer feels best suits his story.

I have had writers ask me to make the main characters look like themselves and their children, and they have been very pleased with the results. I will bring your story to colourful life with my illustrations.

Working with the illustrator

General procedure for an illustration project:

Once I have received and read the manuscript, I can plan a layout (if the writer hasn’t already done so). When the layout is done, I can give the writer the total price for the project.

The layout can also be tailored to suit the writer’s illustration budget, such as using more spots than full illustrations to lower the project cost.

Before I can begin illustrating, I will need to know which POD company or publisher/printer the book will be printed with.

Most POD companies and printers have a limited selection of book dimensions and varying computer format requirements for the files sent to them.

Once the publisher/printer, book size and layout have been established, then I require a $75 kill fee to begin work. I take check, money order or Paypal. If the writer has a contract they would like me to review and sign, then that should be done before work begins.

I then draw the roughs for the story and email them to the writer, at low resolution, for him/her to approve. After approval the writer sends me half the total project fee.

I do the final paintings and email them to the writer at 72 dpi. Upon approval of the final illustrations, I require the remainder of the project fee. Payment can also be made in installments if that works better for the writer’s budget.

I will then mail to the writer (regular mail) 2 CDs with the files in 300dpi in the required format. You keep one CD (for safekeeping) and send the other to the printer/publishing company (or I mail 1 CD and upload the images to the publisher's ftp site).

When the book is printed, I appreciate receiving one complimentary copy.

My Prices:

  • Color Covers: range from $250 - $375

  • Picture Book Interiors: Colour Illustrations - $115-$175 per picture

  • Interior Black & White Illustration: $70 to $90

  • Color "spots": $90

  • Black & White "spots": $50

(Spots are 1-3 characters or items with no background image.)

The price range depends on how much realism is required, as high realism takes longer and is more detailed.

Also a factor in pricing is how much research is required. For instance, realistic images for a non-fiction historical book take a good deal of research in order to render the images so that they are historically correct.

Covers also range in price according to this, as well as whether a back cover design is requested, and if the title typesetting is required.

I don't ask for or expect royalties on self-published books.


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May 17, 2011
Wonderful Illustrator
by: Linda Clarke Sheehan

I have written five children's books, and Diane Lucas has illustrated them all. She worked with my daughter to finish one, and it was exactly what I had in mind. Since then, the last four books have been collaborative and worked through with Diane's help.

She captures the words in illustrations in a unique and creative way. I would recommend her talent to anyone!

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