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Please note: most of this page was written in 2009. The terms this club offers seem to change quite often. The terms I describe on this page are likely different from the ones you'll find if you visit their site today.

When I first wrote about CBOMC in 2006, I went to their site and behaved like a prospective member. I read the terms and filled my shopping cart.

I didn't like what I saw. They attracted interest with an "8 books for 2 bucks" offering, but after that you were in deep doo-doo! I made sure I linked my visitors to CBOMC's membership agreement. I suspect I cost these guys some sales!

You see, they had a "negative option." They sent you a catalogue every three weeks with a featured book. If you didn't get in touch with them and say, "Don't send me the featured book," they sent it to you!

And charged you for it.

Then, a few months ago, they changed to "positive option." Books were not sent to you automatically. I started recommending the club, and my visitors started buying in droves!

They're back to the negative option. So here's the story...

Dirty Harry

It's still a good deal...if you're an organized person. If you're not an organized person, you'll end up buying a lot of books you didn't want. So as Dirty Harry might say,

"How about it? Do you feel organized?

They start you off with 6 books for $2, plus a free gift (a child's backpack today), plus of course some shipping and handling fees. You now need to buy four books in the next year, then you can quit if you want.

They'll even let you get rid of the obligation of your first two books when you first order if you buy two more books at $4.95 each. (A nice discount. I recommend doing it.)

Now you've got a remaining obligation of two books over the next year. Children's Book of the Month Club is going to send you a catalog of books every three weeks or so for you to browse. You can order a book or not order a book. But if you don't tell them not to, they're going to send you that catalog's "Featured Selection."

And then they're going to charge you for it.

That's where your organizational skills come in! If you're the kind of parent who can remember to send in the enclosed postcard right away (they need to receive it within ten days) or go to the website, you won't receive the Featured Selection if you don't want it. If you forget...

Congratulations on your new book.

Children's Book of the Month Club

Here's how I would handle it, because I always like a good deal.

I would take the initial offer. In addition to the 6 books for 2 bucks (plus p&h) I would take the two $4.95 books. Then, every time I received the catalog I would go right to the Children's Book of the Month Club website and tell them I didn't want the Featured Selection.

Then I would take all year to find the two required books that I want.

So, do you feel organized? Well, do you?

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