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My years on the planet have taught me something as well. Money is important, but honor is moreso. That's why you won't find me trying to steer you in directions I wouldn't want to be steered in.

(Sure, you'll see some ads on the site; I have to pay for my time somehow! But you won't read me telling you to do something or buy something that I don't feel good about. In fact, check out my children's magazines reviews if you want to see me steering you away from some potential purchases!)

I started this site because when a child first came into my life, I wanted to know which were the best books and which were the ones children could do without.

I was sure there were other parents out there wondering the same thing. The sheer volume of children's books out there is overwhelming. I wanted my child to hang out with the best children's book characters.

Also, as a writer, I knew there were aspiring children's book writers out there looking for good advice.

I have a higher goal than making money

There are a lot of people and sites out there looking to score off of parents and hopeful writers. Unfortunately, it makes for a lot of bad advice. For instance:

Parents are steered toward children's book clubs, because the children's book clubs pay a pretty penny to websites for referrals.

The thing is, I don't think very much of children's book clubs. That's why my page on the subject doesn't recommend any of them!

Heck, you'll even hear me say - at the risk of worldwide ridicule - that I don't think Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone is all that good a book!

That's what I mean by Children's Book Character

I treasure children, and I endeavor to treat former children respectfully as well. If you ever find me giving what you think to be suspect advice, I urge you to call me on it. You can contact me by clicking the "About Me & Contact" button on the left margin of every page.

Enjoy and make use of the site. All my best to you AND your children,

Steve Barancik

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