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Reading is key to your child's success in life. I doubt there's anything you can do that will be more essential to your child's future than helping develop, and nurture, a love of reading.

Great books encourage reading. Dismal books do the opposite.

And the sad truth is, there are more uninspiring books in the specialized markets than there are in the general market. Really.

Kids' book publishers figure that specialized books have a guaranteed audience. So sometimes they make these books on the cheap, imagining that buyers - parents particularly - will be undiscerning.

So let's teach them a lesson!


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Does your child have an interest in science you'd like to encourage with just the right book? Or maybe science fiction has the potential to make an otherwise boring subject interesting.

Speaking of interesting, there's nothing like a whodunit to keep a reading interest alive. Check out this list of award-winning children's mystery stories.

Here's a page full of honored children's poetry books, while this page features some of the top children's poets.


Is your African-American family looking for the best African-American kids' books?

Or is your Hispanic heritage family looking for the best Spanish kids' book?

Find children's books of Native American interest here.

I also have a multicultural children's books page.


Is your Christian family looking for the best Christian kids' books?


Do you know what bibliotherapy is? It's the use of children's books to help children cope with difficult issues and times. On this site you can find great bibliotherapy book suggestions dealing with:

Try different ways to find the best books for young people.

Are you looking for books for homeschooling?

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