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Hello, fellow children's book authors. Pardon my mess!

I've been growing this site for about 3 years now, and I've learned a lot in the process. The only problem is it's about as disorganized as my desk...and my mind.

So I've created this page to try to pull together all the top writer's resources for you. Here we go...

My hugely popular writing drill

The most bookmarked page on the site! It's a free writing drill where you end up with a picture book text you didn't know you had in you.

My "Are you ready to publish?" page

As one picture book author states, "It's a bunny eat bunny world out there." Before you get ahead of yourself, you might want to visit this page for a reminder that becoming a published children's book author isn't easy.

The self publishing section

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and no patience for publishers, self publishing might be for you. Read more than fifty extensive posts from actual self published children's book authors.

Picture book authors need pictures!

You may want to check out samples and listings from the many illustrators who have posted to this site.

The basics of children's book story structure

Nothing ruins a great premise like poor structure! If you have never studied story structure, or need a refresher, this is your page.

My creative plotting ebooks for children's book authors

I come from the world of screenwriting. (My bio.) If you've never sat around a table talking out last minute story solutions with a director, a producer, three studio execs and a pouting movie star, then you might have something to learn from someone who has!

Are you writing bad rhymes?

If you think children's books should rhyme, that's a valid preference. If you think what Dr. Seuss did was easy...boy are you wrong! And your verse, sorry to say, is probably awful. Learn why.

Write Reviews

Authors, you can't hope to break into the children's book business without reading a lot of children's books, and if you're going to do all that reading anyway, you might want to review for this site!

Seeking a review of your published or self published children's book?

Reviews are hard to come by these days. I like to think ours are the best (see for yourself), and they rank quite highly with the search engines.

Wondering if you should be looking for an agent?

I can give you some things to think about and point you toward some great online and offline resources.

Writing for the Web

It just so happens I know a bit about writing for the web. You see, most sites don't attract much traffic, but this site averages well over 1500 visitors a day as of this writing. (March, 2010.) Learn what it takes to build a successful, money-making website. Or how to attract traffic to your book site.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere!

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