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We're pretty casual around here. I'm Steve Barancik, and this site is a labor of love. I'll bet your books are labors of love as well, whether you're an author or a publisher.

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While advertising books is an informal endeavor at Best Children's Books, the potential benefits to you are substantial.

As of November, 2010, the site receives around 70,000 targeted visitors a month.

Pages on Best Children's Books are viewed nearly 150,000 times per month, and nearly all of those pages accept children's book advertising.

(Our audience is primarily parents, so you may want to advertise books aimed at adults as well, particularly parenting books.)

Our most popular page receives some 20,000 views per month, offering an excellent opportunity to market test your book advertising online, at low cost and in a hurry!

Site-wide book advertising is also available. I accept payment via PayPal; you can either use a credit card or a PayPal account.

Display advertising can be of your own design and can link to a sales page of your choosing, or you can place an Amazon display ad that will link directly to your page on their site. Also, please know that Best Children's Books offers paid book reviews. Your best chance for a sale might be an ad that leads to a review on our site.

Really, I'm open to anything, and I'm not particularly greedy! So fill out the advertising inquiry form below and let's figure out how we can work together to get you some traffic. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Children's Book Advertising

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