The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum
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Deborah Blumenthal's The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum
illustrated by Harvey Stevenson

A picture book about anger, review by P.J. Rooks

Ages 2+

Meet little Sophie, your basic toddler at the park, about to show us her two-year-old worst.

Sophie wants a cookie. Sophie may not have a cookie.

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And so begins Deborah Blumenthal and Harvey Stevenson's The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum -- a blood-boiling catastrophe of such volcanic magnitude that Sophie turns right into a hot pepper (which my three-year-old found to be quite interesting).

This should scare any kid out of having a tantrum -- just kidding. Actually, Sophie's face gets so hot from the tantrum that she feels like a hot pepper.

collaged images, red parts added and superimposed, from The Chocolate Covered Cookie Tantrum

Her mother stoically waits the tantrum out, then takes Sophie home to sleep it off on the couch. After dinner, Sophie gets a cookie.

Any kid who has ever thrown a tantrum will no doubt be able to relate to the feelings of powerlesness and frustration that Sophie shows in The Chocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum. With Sophie, we learn that the world will not crumble away in response to her out-of-control emotions, that, when it's all said and done, Mommy still loves her and that sometimes we have to wait a little while to get what we want.

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