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For young children lying comes naturally

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Why do children lie? Because they're smart enough to see that the right answer (not the true answer) can get them good consequences...or prevent them from experiencing negative consequences. In other words...

Fibbing works! So how does my book work to cure it?

A children's book about lying

My book about a lying child, How Timbo Found Out That Telling the Truth Really Does Work, gives YOU a new approach to your child on the subject of honesty.

It works by taking ego out of the equation. Since the book isn't about your child, its message isn't threatening! The child in the book learns not to lie. The book works because your child wants to be like the child in the book!

"Timbo" is the story of a little boy who starts seeing how fibbing can work to his advantage, but then he starts feeling the sting of his parents' distrust. When he finally tells the truth on an important matter - despite the fact that it might earn him some punishment - he actually finds himself rewarded!

Children Lying:
Enforcing Honesty vs. Teaching Honesty
  • Child is only honest because he/she fears punishment for lying.
  • The child still chooses to lie if he/she expects not to get caught!
  • Honesty comes from within.
  • Child tells the truth because it feels right to do so.
  • Because child's conscience is engaged, telling a lie is its own negative consequence!

Timbo's story is an important story, one any child could benefit from. But I've done something else to make sure his message really hits home.

Illustrations are important!

The goal with a behavior book is to get your child to interact with it repeatedly. That way the book's lessons are reinforced. That's why we offer two PDF versions of Timbo...

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