Childhood Obesity Book

by Sarah Butland
(Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada)

Sending You Sammy

Sending You Sammy

Independent publishing done right, now on to the marketing!

My website was born from the devastating reality of childhood obesity statistics being high and on the rise.

It also disturbed me that literacy rates are on the decline, so I thought I'd use my passion to begin my writing career with Sending You Sammy, a book that encourages healthy eating in children.

With the cooperation and belief of my husband's company, I was able to publish a book I feel strongly about. With my husband Paul's assistance, we hired an illustrator through the internet and had great success with said illustrator.

Once we had the pictures, Paul took on the incredible task of matching words to pages and placing them in their best locations. With tremendous input from friends and family, we eventually were able to get the book to the level we wanted it to be.

ProSpec Industries Inc then researched the benefits and drawbacks of printing Sending You Sammy with a local printing company or setting it up as a print on demand book. Upon pricing the possibilities and quality of options, ProSpec decided to go with POD.

The company chosen made the book available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, which are two vital connections that small companies may not have.

With the task of publishing independently, I am now faced with the job of marketing the book myself and not through the typical distributors/methods.

Although it seems challenging, I will be publishing with an independent company again and would recommend it to anyone wanting to publish a book. Publishing through a local company gives me the freedom to consult on my book and not have to follow the strict rules some publishing companies make their authors abide by.

There are pros and cons to self/independent publishing, as there are with being accepted by a major publisher, but every author has to remember that their work is their own.

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Apr 14, 2008
Feel free to tell us more about your obesity book itself
by: Steve B.

Sarah, thanks for walking us through your decision-making.

You've taken on a great topic - childhood obesity - with your book.

And by the way, we take healthy eating pretty seriously here at Best Children's Books.

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