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Did you know: Your child is probably not happy with his/her problem behavior. She/he just doesn't know how to overcome it. The behavior could be habit, or it could be based on very real fears. The behavior is probably something your child would like to overcome!

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Behavior problems are part of growing up. Children, for instance, have to learn to play with others, and until they do they're not very good at it. Parents help in this learning process.

Some behaviors are harder for some children to overcome than others. My child behavior books are meant to help with common behavior problems. They are a form of bibliotherapy.

Do they work?
Read these reviews.

The concept behind the books is simple. The story begins with a child with a behavior problem much like your child's. The kid in the story is not particularly concerned, but then he/she experiences some unhappy results as a result of the bad behavior.

Now the child in the story wants to change but struggles with how to do so.

Then, a good parent gently intervenes, offering a suggestion that helps the child correct the behavior on his or her own.

When the book works... captures your child's attention immediately. Your child identifies not only with the other child's behavior, but with that child's journey. Your son or daughter feels a sense of empowerment and hope: if the kid in the story can overcome the behavior, your child can too! But that's not all...

Do the books cost money?
Yes, a little. Here's how much and why.

Repetition, as you know, is key to learning. The child behavior book would only have a limited effect if you were merely to read it to your child. That's why I have not illustrated the book.

The book is meant for your child to illustrate. Each time your daughter or son returns to the book - whether to read it, to have it read, or to illustrate it - the book's message is repeated.

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