Chester and Bud's Game
by Erik Humphries

Chester and Bud get together for their favorite game: 12-Card Stud. They decide to meet at the picnic table in the fields.

Chester shuffles the two decks of cards and begins to deal.

"Ready to lose?" smirks Chester. Bud just sits and smiles.

Chester deals Bud and himself 12 cards each. Both look at their cards after being dealt.

"I"ll take three-three cards..." stutters Chester as he grabs a pawful of cards from the deck.

"I"ll ... take one", says Bud who grabs his also.

Chester looks over to Bud.

"I call", says Chester.

"Got ... Six-Card Flush", Bud says.

"Two Straights!" shouts Chester while slapping his cards on the table. "I win!" Chester gets up from the table and dances while gloating over his victory. Bud just sits and smiles.

Chester sits back down at the table.

"Care f-for another game?" Chester says.

"Sure ..." says Bud.

Chester reshuffles the decks and deals again. Both look at their cards.

"I"ll t-take six cards", says Chester.

"I"ll ... take one", says Bud who stretches a paw.

Both grab their cards. Chester looks at Bud.

"I call", says Chester.

"Three Pair ..." mutters Bud.

"Ha! Five Pair!" shouts Chester. "I win again!" Chester gets up and begins to dance and gloat. Bud just sits and smiles.

Chester sits back down at the table.

"Wanna lose again?" grins Chester.

"Sure ..." shrugs Bud.

Chester reshuffles the decks and deals once more. They both look at their cards.

Chester strokes his whiskers in thought. Bud scratches behind his floppy ear with his hind leg.

"I"ll take ... ten cards", says Chester pensively.

"I"ll ... take one", says Bud.

"Don't you want-want more cards t-than that?!" wonders Chester.

"Nope ..." says Bud shaking his head.

"O-Okay then ..." shrugs Chester.

"I call", he says.

"Three pair ... again", says Bud.

"Yes!" shouts Chester. "Seven-of-a-Kind! I am victorious once again!" Chester gets up and dances all around the table while gloating even louder over his win. Bud just sits and smiles.

Chester tiredly sits back down after dancing and gloating for three minutes. He looks over to Bud and begins to wonder.

"Y-You seem awfully content for-for someone who was beaten th-three times in a row!" says Chester.

"I don't care for winning..." says Bud.

"What?!" exclaims Chester. "How-how can you not care about w-winning?"

"Because ... I care about other things ..." says Bud.

"Maybe if-if you"d care more about how you play, you-you'd win more often", suggests Chester.

"Maybe if ... you wouldn't worry much ... about winning ... you"d enjoy life more", suggests Bud.

Chester puzzles over Bud's words.

Bud just sits and smiles.

Copyright Erik Humphries 2007

Erik lives in Maryland, USA. Read the first story in his Mentasia series.

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