Charlie Hits It Big

written by Deborah Blumenthal
illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Deborah Blumenthal's Charlie Hits It Big
illustrated by Denise Brunkus

Book review by Karen Nelson

Ages 3-8

Pet Guinea Pig Turned Star

I am sure most of us can relate to the feelings experienced by having a pet for the first time when growing up. Charlie is a guinea pig owned by a little girl named Sophie in Charlie Hits It Big.

Charlie has big aspirations of becoming a “Big Pig in Hollywood” so he leaves his cage for Tinsel Town. He then auditions for a movie while he is there. In order to get the part, he has to dye his tan fur black.

Charlie is quickly introduced to new people in Hollywood with a party that is held in his honor. He had dreamed of the moment he would be sampling the food at the party and found it was nothing like the Fruity Nut Buffet that was being advertised at the new Pet Food Emporium in his hometown. Later, he nearly gets trampled on by guests at the party and finds himself feeling all alone and a bit scared.

Even though Charlie is a “Big Pig in Hollywood”, he starts to miss home. He thinks of all the wonderful moments he has shared with Sophie and how she treated him.

Charlie packs up his belongs and takes a taxi back home to Sophie. No one answers the door at first, but then Sophie opens the door, surprised to see Charlie and to see how his appearance has changed. Waiting for him by his cage is his Fruity Nut Buffet. Charlie is glad to be home and back with people who know him for who he truly is and like him no matter what changes occur with his physical appearance.

I think many of us are in a way like Charlie in Charlie Hits It Big. We want to have a home where we can always come back to, feel accepted, and loved at all times.

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