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Cathy Friend
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My name is Cathy Friend. I'm 18 and I love God, reading, writing, smelling books and music.

The first thing you need to know about me is I'm Australian. (So maybe not the first thing, since I obviously just told you a bunch of other stuff two seconds ago but what I'm trying to say is its important). You see, Australians, for one thing spell words differently to Americans, (and say words differently too but that's not our're all just weird) aaaand we also like making jokes at other people's expense. It's mainly the first one that you need to worry about since I'm liable in one of my reviews to spell color, colour or jail, gaol etc...

Bear with me through all of that please. It's the least you can do after completely messing up the English language.

Seriously, does 'neighbor' actually look right to any of you? And why do you say 'mom'? MUM rhymes with rum, dumb and crumb....what does 'mom' rhyme with? CD rom? Yeah you could make a great poem out of that. Something that could surely rival the eloquence of:

"I took my mum and my dumb little crumb of a dog to the pharm (-acy) for some rum."

Or, you know, something like that.

So anyway I finished my HSC at the end of last year, and don't ask me to translate that into American speech, I honestly have no idea. It's whatever you call the exams just before university. Uh, college. Whatever.

This year I started doing an undergraduate degree in Japanese and Writing, which I'm probably going to switch to a Drama degree next year since I hate it and I've decided I want to be a scriptwriter.

And that's about it. The rant about Americans was actually a cunning ploy to fill up space since I had no idea what to write about. Um, how do you end these things??? Happy reading, I guess...


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