Caterpillar Dance

written by Will Grace
illustrated by Scott McBee

Will Grace's Caterpillar Dance
illustrated by Scott McBee

Book review by Sarah Denslow

Ages 0-4

A fuzzy caterpillars-turn-into-butterflies book

If you don’t know what to do with a wiggly child, try channeling those wiggles into reading time with Will Grace’s Caterpillar Dance.

In this story about colors and the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly, five different colored caterpillars are presented. Of course, they don’t stay caterpillars for long – soon one caterpillar begins to “wiggle, wiggle, jiggle free,” and children can wiggle and do the caterpillar-to-butterfly dance right along with them.

(Because the caterpillars transform one at a time, it's a counting backwards book.)

What will each caterpillar be? A big green (or red, or yellow, etc.) butterfly, just for me!

This is a very simple, quick book, perfect for young children. Each caterpillar is, rather than a drawing, a raised, fuzzy bit that children love to touch. Each caterpillar turns into a beautiful shiny, foil butterfly.

While those looking for a very accurate lesson on caterpillars and butterflies may want to look elsewhere (the book does not mention the chrysalis stage of the transformation), Caterpillar Dance is a wonderful, entertaining introduction to butterflies for the very young.

Webmaster's note:

Also for the very young, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of the most honored children's books of all time!

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