The Catch of the Year

by Courtney Groll

boy catching fish

One warm summer day Luke woke up to his father bragging about how he was going fishing.

Luke wanted to go but was unsure that his father would take him because he was only three.

Luke sat at the kitchen table eating his breakfast. He watched his father pack up his fishing gear to leave. Luke stops his father just before he walked out the door. “Please can I go fishing with you? Please?”

By his surprise his father said, “I would love for you to go fishing with me.” Luke jumped down from the table threw on his boots and ran out the door.

Luke climbs up in his father’s old black Ford. To his father’s surprise Luke did not look happy. The smile on his face was gone and replaced with complete sadness. “Luke what is the matter,” his father asks.

Luke replied, “I don’t have fishing gear.”

His father smiles and says, “That is alright son we are going to go and buy you new fishing gear.”

Luke couldn’t sit still he couldn’t wait to be out on the boat with his father for his first fishing experience. They arrive at the store and Luke’s father bought him a new fishing pole and a vest.

Luke and his father drive to the cottage on Forest Lake. Luke jumps out of the truck and helps his father unload the fishing gear. They made their way to the dock and put all their fishing gear into their little motorized boat. They put their life vests on and hopped into the boat. Luke’s father asked, “Do you want a fake worm or a real worm?”

Luke shouted, “A real worm.” They powered up the boat and moved to the middle of the lake.

They put their worms on their hooks and his father showed him how to throw and reel in his new fishing pole. By his father’s surprise Luke was very good when it came to casting his fishing pole.

An hour goes by and either of them caught a fish. Luke was looking disappointed. In excitement his father screams, “I got one.” He reeled the fish into the boat. The fish was a little bass. His father unexcitedly replied, “This is not a keeper.” His father throws the fish back into the water.

Luke begins to look more disappointed. His father asks, “What is wrong Luke?” Luke replied, “I am never going to catch anything.”

His father just stops and says, “Your turn will soon come you have to be patient.”

Another hour goes by and Luke still has not even had a fish bite. Luke shockingly screams, “My bobber, my bobber!”

Luke’s father says, “You got a fish, reel him in.”

Luke was just not strong enough to reel the fish in. The fish was going to break the line if his father did not help. His father holds on to the fishing pole and helps him reel the fish in. The fish was so big his father could barely reel it out of the water. The fish shot right out of the water.

Luke stops and screams, “What is that?”

His father shouts, “That my son is a HUGE bull head!” They managed to pull the fish into the boat and his father says, “This fish is definitely the catch of the year.”

Luke was ecstatic and couldn’t sit still. They decided to call it a day because Luke just wanted to go home and tell his mother about his fishing adventure.

For Luke it was a very long ride back to his house. Luke was singing his own tune, “I got the catch of the year, the catch of the year. My father got the little bass of the year.”

They finally arrived to their destination and Luke ran straight into his house screaming, “Guess what?”

His mother replies, “You got a fish?”

Luke replied, “Not just a fish the catch of the year.”

His mother replies, “What is the catch of the year?”

Luke shouts, “The biggest bull head I have ever seen.”

The End

Copyright 2010, Courtney Groll

Courtney lives in Pennsylvania, USA.

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