Cartoon Line Art with Color

by Cyrus Ngatia Gathigo
(Kenya, East Africa)

Kenyan Holiday Transport

Kenyan Holiday Transport

Kenyan Holiday Transport
Ghost Scare
Reckless Public Transport
Yelling at Reckless Driver

My specialty is Line Art Cartoon Illustrations with digital colors using Photoshop.

My style is a fusion of Walt Disney "Stretch and Squash" expression, Astrix and African Characters I have seen around in real life.

I had professional training in Graphic Design and Communication and Cartoon Drawing in two different colleges in the early 90s for 7 terms and later worked as a 2d Animator (a skill I learned through working experience), Illustrator and Storyboard Artist for ad agencies, publishers and film production houses.

I normally work in three stages:

1) Colored pencil sketches based on a client briefing, either through written or spoken communication, with numerous changes until the final sketch is approved by the client ready for Clean Up and Color.

2) Line Art (Clean Up), with a normal HB Pencil, which is eventually scanned for a "contrast edit" using Photoshop.

3) Color Application using Photoshop with highlights.

For more info, contact Cyrus.

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Imagination Unleashed!

by Loring Thompson
(Colorado Springs, CO)

Gorilla and Friends

Gorilla and Friends

Gorilla and Friends
Edgar Allan Poe
Deer n the Woods
Flying with Butterflies

Hello authors! My name is Loring Thompson and it would be my pleasure to illustrate your very special literary accomplishment.

I have over thirty years experience illustrating, both professionally and for fun. My work has been published in magazines, newspapers, and advertisements, and NOW I want to try my hand at children's books.

I have been entertaining people for years with my whimsical cartoons and laugh-out-loud caricatures.

My style is varied, from realistic pen and inks to full color cartoon art. I prefer colored pencil because it is quick, gets the job done, and keeps the cost down.

My fee is dependent on the complexity of the project, but I can assure everyone that I am reasonable and fair. I do require a deposit to begin any job, but will not accept final payment until you are satisfied.

I will stay in close touch with every author to ensure they know what I have in mind for their work.

I want to thank all of you authors, in advance, for considering me as your artist to bring a visual representaion to your golden prose.

With love, sincerity, and blessings,
Loring Thompson

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Toy Designer, Syndicated Cartoonist, Illustrator

by Pete McEachen
(Cleveland, OH USA)

Ice Skating in the Garage

Ice Skating in the Garage

Ice Skating in the Garage
Car Seat Acrobat
Go Lonny! Go!
Let's Talk it Over

I love to work in black and white with splashes of bold color to give my illustrations punch. I strive for expressive line weight, proper perspective and animated action that lets the illustrations tell the story. I love strong characters and enjoy creating a stage for them to express themselves.

I look at my art more as "spot art" with balanced white space around it, rather than full color spreads. But if the client wants full color glory, they can have it!

I'm a 1994 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and have a BFA in Industrial Design. It may sound fancy, but in reality, I'm a preschool toy designer. I use my cartooning abilities to help illustrate how children would use my toy ideas. It sounds like a fun job and it is! That's why I started my own studio in 2010, Pete M. Studio, LLC.

Due to my love for toys and drawing toy concepts for preschoolers, I've always had a passion for illustrating children's books. I've done numerous books for self-publishing authors as well as large marketing projects for coporate clients and their websites. Recently, Universal Uclick offered an online syndicated contract for my comic strip Mulligan.

The strip may be about older people, but you'll notice they behave more like kids! Check it out on GoComics!

My work is pretty much 100% digital now, but I can replicate most styles that get into pastels, watercolor, oils, etc. As I tell my students, whether you draw on paper or a computer, the same sketching/illustrating rules apply.

I prefer to work with self-publishers or small publishing houses. When working with authors, I expect them to be passionate about their work and welcome comments or visions of what they had in mind.

Feel free to contact me about a project, quote or a sample character sketch.

References available upon request.

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Oct 29, 2013
Paediatric Illustrations
by: Michaela

Pete - I wish you the best of luck on all your upcoming projects – I’m sure there will be many with your skills!!

I tell everyone in Marketing at Oticon DK that I know the best illustrator, so I hope that we will get to work together again.

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Cartoon Realism

by Jim Caputo
(Orlando, Florida)

Alastair's Jalopy

Alastair's Jalopy

Groggy Dog Studios

My style falls between cartoon and realism with a hint of animation characteristics. My finished art is a mixed media of vivid watercolors, pastels, pencil, and ink.

My portfolio also consists of a digital style that is brushed ink with flat color added to the scanned art.

Exaggeration and slightly altered perspective are added along with a humorous touch. Proportions are playful, especially when it comes to creating animals.

My client list includes: Scholastic, Scholastic Book Fairs, Norwood House Press, Guideposts, bluedominoes, Harcourt, and Compass Point Books.

Contact Jim for some cartoon realism at Groggy Dog Studios.

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Amazing Illustrations

by Jon-Paul McCarthy

I like!

I like!

I like!

I'm a trained classical animator and cartoonist. Most of my work of late has been in the form of high quality caricature illustrations. I can work in any style you wish, in any medium.

Click to contact.

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Children's Art by Izzipics

(Toronto, Canada)

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Tuscan Date
I Want to be a Musician!

My name is Izzi. I work in mixed media, and I gain most of my inspiration from traditional 2D animation.

I have been illustrating books for approximately six years, with over twenty published titles. Although I also do mature concept art and design work, illustrating for children remains my specialty and passion.


* Young Voices Awards 2011, Gold Winner - "Frankie the Firefighter"

* Hollywood Book Festival 2011, Honorable Mention - "Look at Me...A Musician I Want to Be!"

* Los Angeles Book Festival 2010, Honorable Mention - "Who Me, What Should I Be?"

* Los Angeles Book Festival 2010, Honorable Mention - "Tummy Turner"

* Hollywood Book Festival 2010, Honorable mention - "Adventures of Northern the Moose and a Dragon Named Zeus"

Contact IZZIpics.

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Nov 10, 2011
Beautiful illustrations
by: Anonymous


I am a published illustrator and public school art teacher. I love how bright and clean your images look. Do you do your images on the computer or paint? I see you posted using mixed media; I'm curious what those media were.

It's beautiful work by the way.

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Book Illustrator With Charming Style

by Madison Mastrangelo

Girl with wheelbarrow and watering can

Girl with wheelbarrow and watering can

Hi there!

My name is Madison Mastrangelo. I just recently graduated Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. There I concentrated in Animation and spent all of senior year fabricating and producing my first film, which was a pilot for a kids TV show called "Bedtime For Doug."

It's about a girl and her imaginary monster who will not go to bed.

My art captures the spirit of a child. It is carefree, fun and charming.

I usually work by scanning in drawings then digitally coloring them on the computer in Photoshop. (Although I do have fun with paint and cut outs too.)

I love to be collaborative. I understand that this is process- and deadline-based work. So I would work fast but give the author lots of design and style options along the way.

It is truly about making the story believable through the illustrations, and not over-powering or weakening it; the two need to be married.

Please contact me email at

I would love for the opportunity to be a part of your project and bring your story to life!

Thank you!
Madison Mastrangelo

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Experienced Professional Cartoonist

by Steve Barr



Steve Barr is an experienced professional cartoonist with an extensive background in book illustration. His bold style is always a hit with kids, and he brings a friendly feel to any project he works on.

Located in the mountains of western North Carolina, he can telecommute to assist you with all of your illustration needs. His art is hand-drawn, then scanned and colored digitally, so that it can be e-mailed to clients and printers.

Past clients have included

- The Complete Idiot's Guides
- Chicken Soup for the Soul
- Tribune Media Services
- Childswork/Childsplay
- The Bureau for At-Risk Youth
- Smilemakers
- Multi-Ad Services and many, many more.

Steve's work has appeared in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers and other publications. He's easy to work with, respects the importance of deadlines and enjoys collaborating with writers and editors.

Fees are determined by complexity of the project, what rights you would like to purchase and whether or not royalties are involved.

If you want to work with someone who is fast, dedicated and flexible, Steve's your guy. He understands both sides of the business, since he is also a published author and has worked with an amazing array of editors during his art career.

So, if you're looking for children's book illustrations, single pieces of art, comic strips or cartoons to accompany the text in your book, or just about anything else you can think of, drop him a line.

Contact Steve Barr.

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May 25, 2010
Absolutely Delighted!
by: Kirt Hickman

Steve illustrated my children's book, "I Will Eat Anything." His professionalism and promptness were evident in his email response to my initial query and throughout every aspect of his work thereafter. He completed the project in half the time he quoted. He is a pleasure to work with. His work is beautiful. And his commitment to perfection is absolute. Work with Steve! You'll be delighted that you did!

Kirt Hickman
Quillrunner Publishing LLC

May 23, 2010
another satisfied customer
by: Mark Randle

Steve created my business card logo in a flash! I told him my idea, we talked about how best to express it, and within two drafts it was ready to use. He knows the business and has the requisite combination of drawing ability and an agile wit to complement it.

May 22, 2010
Steve is the BEST!
by: Susan DuBosque, Editor

Always consistent and dependable, Steve Barr is a joy to work with on any creative project. He is a professional on every level—an excellent writer and illustrator. Peel Productions is pleased to have 11 successful Steve Barr titles in our 1-2-3 Draw series.

Susan DuBosque
Peel Productions, Inc.

May 22, 2010
I'm a Fan
by: Karen Schader

As an editor and project manager, I've worked with Steve many times. He's a talented cartoonist who is quick, responsive, and cooperative, and he invariably understands just what he's being asked to do. I'd recommend him without qualification!

May 21, 2010
Totally satisfied!
by: Anonymous

Steve provided our company's holiday greeting, and many of our clients commented on it and asked who made it. It's good to do business with Steve, as he is very easy to work with and produced just what we wanted on-time and with very little instruction from us. We highly recommend him.

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Editorial Cartoonist, Illustrator

by Alan J. Nash
(Scottsbluff, NE, United States)

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting

My Name is Alan Nash. I am an editorial cartoonist and locomotive engineer for the Union Pacific Railroad.

I have been cartooning for 7 years for a number of weekly newspapers and have done special insert illustrations for newspaper projects.

I have a simple style and am proficient in ink and pencil. My fees are dependent upon the project and negotiable.

I am willing to do sketches and near final drafts for any project and welcome any collaboration on a project.

My work can be seen by Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators members by searching my name at the Society's site. Also I can easily be contacted at Al's Cartoons.

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Sep 30, 2016
good work.
by: More-Morrill-Please

I favor the simplistic style that doesn't go without talent. It's still very much so art and others of its ilk are either few and far between or non-existent nowadays.
Everything it seems is CG or over-exact, this is good use of colors, and doesn't try to be anything its not.

Feb 08, 2011
Thank you!
by: A.J.Nash

D.D. thank you for the kind words!

Feb 06, 2011
Alan Nash's style is amazing
by: D. D. Doxon

I have seen many of Mr. Nash's political cartoons. He is by far one of the most talented political cartoonists of our time. He is one of those amazingly gifted artists whose talent is so natural that nothing is forced in his work. The quality and style of line of the drawing is so respectful of the subject, you don't even notice it because the humor gets to you first. Then if you start examining it and critiquing it like a literary novel, or an artwork done by one of the masters of yore, you realize how talented this man is.

Why is this man's work NOT published in The New Yorker or any of the major newspapers? He should be syndicated.

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Dennis Arneson - Illustrator of many styles

A sample of my styles

A sample of my styles

Illustrator of many styles in and out of the box

I am a professionally trained illustrator/designer with more than 30 years experience. I excel in creating 2D technical illustrations, medical illustration, architectural rendering, children’s book illustration and general commercial illustration.

I am board-trained (classes at Art Center, UCLA, Santa Monica City College and several workshops over the years) and very proficient at traditional illustration.

I am an artist of many styles, ranging from tight technical illustrations to loose, fun, cartoon illustration. I use pen and ink, pencil, gouache and acrylic and augment my illustrations where necessary with Photoshop.

I have created top of the line illustration for such high profile companies as Microsoft, Serendipity Books, General Motors, Career Publishing, Hughes Aircraft, Universal Studios, American Edwards Laboratories, ASICS Tiger, Windermere and O’Neill.

Being deadline-oriented and with a commitment to quality and dedication to my work, I offer my services to any publisher or author seeking a talented artist.

My rate is reasonable ($50 an hour), and I’m willing to work with an author to develop a style that defines the subject matter of the book and makes the story a visual experience.

My wife is an elementary school principal, and I am very aware of some of the secret battles today’s children have to deal with on a daily basis. I would be honored to help you tell your story.

I can be contacted at To leave me a message, please call 253-838-2090, leave your contact info. I will get back to as soon as possible.

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Terry Atkins

(Rice Lake, Wisconsin, USA)

Dogs Don't Like Pickles

Dogs Don't Like Pickles

Children's book illustrator Terry Atkins

My work is very cartoonish. I work with Illustrator CS-3 to form most of my illustrations.

I use bright colors for the characters and more subtle colors for the backgrounds. I use some special effects but try to keep it simple. I like doing Christian children's illustration, but I'm open to anything (within reason).

Email Terry.

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Aug 20, 2009
by: Anonymous

This is so cute. A dog eating a pickle is a great idea. :O)

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Patrick Carlson: Cartoonist/Illustrator

(Valdosta, Georgia)

Too Tall Joe

Too Tall Joe

I have been a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for over 18 years.

Growing up, I was influenced by the art of Disney and the simplistic style of newspaper comic strips. I like using bright, primary colors, and I like to focus on the design and expressions of the characters.

Contact me at

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