Cartoon Like or Realistic Style Illustrations

by Christina Cartwright
(Mount Vernon, IN)

Covers for Children's Books

Covers for Children's Books

Covers for Children's Books
Beavers-Cartoon Style
Puppies-Realistic Style
Boy and Dog-Realistic Style


My name is Christina Cartwright and I am an illustrator of children's books. Art is my passion and it shows in my work. I love what I do!

Since obtaining my degree in visual communications in 2003, I have been creating illustrations for children's books, cover art, posters, game illustrations and various other projects.

I have created images for several children's books which are available for purchase at Amazon. My illustrations are colorful, either in cartoon or realistic style.

I can read your material and illustrate your images as I envision them, or, you can send me detailed descriptions on how you want your images to look. Depending on the amount of detail or content in the pictures, it takes me roughly 1/2 - 2 days per image.

My medium is digital, using 3d programs along with Photoshop.

The end product will be a 300dpi high resolution file of any format of your choice.

I work remotely so location is not an issue. Please contact me for more information at:

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

My Best,

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