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Classic Children's Literature
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Carla Marie Boulianne - Classics Reviewer

  • Children's classic literature lover
  • Mother a few times over
  • Gifted education advocate
  • Freelance writer
  • Substitute teacher
  • Sometimes scientist
  • Atrocious poet

Carla Marie Boulianne- A Busy Mom

Carla is a busy mom to three young children, all of whom are voracious readers. Carla is also feature writer for Parenting a Gifted Child at Suite101, an online magazine with 12 million unique monthly visitors. She is passionate about books, education, and most of all children. She firmly believes that critical reading skills lay the foundation for all higher education and a satisfying purpose in society.

Carla Marie Boulianne's Love Affair with the Best Children's Books

Her love affair with books started at the tender age of two when she insisted on at least fifteen bedtime stories every night. Her mother grew tired with reading the same children's stories over and over and continually sought fresh fodder, so Carla acquired a very large book collection at a rather young age. Most of these children's classics are still in her possession, despite minor losses to water damage, teething puppies, and careless lending.

At age ten, Carla launched a library scheme in her neighborhood. Her father built shelves around her bedroom for a budding collection of 400 plus children's books. She employed alphabetization rather than the Dewey decimal system but had the sense to separate fiction and nonfiction. She issued library cards at the bus stop each morning and opened her bedroom shelves to patrons after school most days. Unfortunately, she quickly found that neighbor kids don't return books if you don't bill their parents for late returns. She is now a careful lender.

Carla started conscientiously building a children's book collection for her own kids when she was only thirteen. It scared off a lot of boyfriends during her 20s. She is an unrepentant bibliophile who hauls thousands of books from home to home despite the glares of movers. She likes homes with lots of stairs and tends to pack heavy.

Some of Carla's favorite books for children include:

She is also a fan of children's poets:

  • Shel Silverstein- The Missing Piece
  • Jack Prelutsky
  • Jon Scieszka
  • The Poetry for Young People series
  • A Poke in the I by Paul Janeczko and Chris Raschka (concrete poetry)
  • A Kick in the Head by Paul Janeczko and Chris Raschka (poetry forms)
  • and Dr. Seuss books (of course)

Her childhood Christmas wish list always included a book box set. Her favorite Christmas gifts from Santa included:

She firmly believes in buying hardback editions of children's literature so that books survive for the next generation to enjoy them.

Carla Marie Boulianne- Classic Literature Bibliophile Extraordinaire

Though still an avid book collector, she no longer runs off with the "free books" box from every bookstore in town. Her bookshelves, closets, and storage rooms are already bursting. (Sometimes they seemingly explode and leave large piles on the floor).

Carla Marie Boulianne's Past and Present- Writer, Teacher, Mother, Scientist

In 2000 B.C. (before children), Carla was an infectious disease researcher in the spacesuit lab at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She got to shower in Lysol! Carla quickly learned that Ebola is not nearly as fun to play with when you have small children. She dropped her science career to be a stay-at-home mom.

After years in the warm cocoon of domesticity, Carla is now deep into the long process of reinventing herself as a freelance writer. In addition to reviewing only the best children's books in the classic literature genre for Best Children's Books, she also writes random tidbits of advice for eHow. She aspires for a writing style retaining clarity while still being a bit "wordy and wonky" (the scientist-researcher aspect of her personality straining to assert itself).

She supplements her starving journalist wages (undeserving of the "artist" moniker) by substitute teaching at Discovery School, a private elementary school nurturing the individuality of each child. She rarely writes poetry, only when seized by thwarted passions. As Jeffrey Euginides writes in the introduction to My Mistress's Sparrow is Dead, "a love story can never be about full possession."

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