Detailed or Cartoonish!

by Angela Walker
(Riverside, CA 92504)

Goldilocks tale with a twist

Goldilocks tale with a twist

Goldilocks tale with a twist
Different look at Red Riding Hood
A Page from the 3 Little Pigs
Animals of the Galápagos Islands Project

Legend has it that I was born with a crayon in my hand, but really, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I have always enjoyed telling stories through pictures.

I attended school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco majoring in Illustration (B.F.A.), and at Woodbury University I majored in Animation (B.F.A.). In order to help put myself through college, I worked professionally as a Graphic Designer putting together book/magazine layouts, brochures, and designing logos for a variety of companies. The fact that I could draw traditionally made me a better asset to my clients because I could create unique pieces of art specifically for each client's needs.


I like to scan my pencil drawings into the computer, and then I tend to use the pencil drawn characters as templates and redraw them into the computer (vector drawing using Freehand or Illustrator) and then use the cleaned pencil drawn backgrounds as a part of the Photoshop color background. I can work well in both traditional drawing or digital art; the same applies for black/white line art as well as color.

I can work in a more detailed style (tighter, more realistic) or a cartoonish style (silly, exaggerated features) both with different price brackets.

• My detailed style is more graphic novel or comic book looking and very detailed (the humans look "human" and the animals aren't anamorphic). This style requires a lot more time so that I can get the detail right.

• My cartoonish style is heavy on the stylized or playful side, yet not as detailed as my other illustrations. These pieces have more of a “cartoon” look and are easier to produce and less time consuming. As a result, the use of this style provides quicker results at a reduced fee (25% less) for the client.

I like to do quick turn-arounds as I work so that the project continually flows. I am able to produce illustrations at any resolution or size that you desire. I can send work in most any format, via e-mail or Drop Box.

Work Ethic:

Feedback is VERY important! As much as I would like to, I can't read people's minds- so the more details my clients can give me, the clearer my ideas come for their projects! I prefer good communication with my clients and provide personal one-on-one attention.

Starting with the character development works best for me; once I get the characters down then that helps me build their surroundings. I submit several samples of each character for the author’s consideration. Once the characters are approved, I begin the layout, consisting of text placement and scene development. Once completed, page roughs are then sent to the client periodically to mark progress.

For both styles I do research for the piece (themes, eras, clothing, time of day, backgrounds, etc.) Then I work out 2 or 3 sketches in pencil & consult with the client in order to see which idea matches their idea. I make revisions based on my client's notes or input and submit the revisions for approval. We continue this method for each stage of the process all the way to finish.

I often give advice/suggestions regarding changes in the manuscript if I believe it will affect the illustrations and improve the book overall. For example: sometimes alterations must be made in order for the book to print correctly or the layout or color choices could need corrections so that they all flow together more concisely.

I would prefer to do the book cover as well (it helps keep the same feel and consistency inside and out!), however, please keep in mind that it is optional and a separate fee (stated above).

Thanks for taking the time to consider me for your project. I will do my best to make your story turn out the way you always imagined it to be!!


I'm flexible so please keep in mind that all fees are negotiable, and I am providing this list for the sole purpose of giving you, the client, an idea of what to expect. Every project is unique, and I take that into consideration.

Detailed Style

For Full Color interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $50
1/2 page - $100
full page - $150
two page spread - $250

For Black & White interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $25
1/2 page - $50
full page - $100
two page spread - $175

Cartoonish Style

For Full Color interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $37.50
1/2 page - $75.00
full page - $112.50
two page spread - $187.50

For Black & White interior illustrations:

Spot, (single image) - $18.75
1/2 page - $37.50
full page - $75.00
two page spread - $131.25

Full color cover (front only) - $200
(wrap around) - $275

Cover prices are fixed, regardless of style choice.


Payment will be contracted and shall be paid in thirds.

*1/3 due upon approval of layout and all sketches.
*1/3 due upon completion of all color illustrations.
*1/3 due upon delivery of completed project.


If you decide to work with me - upon hiring, I will send a contract that is for our mutual benefit, detailing all aspects of the project and specifying time limits, as well as covering issues of copyright and ownership of the illustrations. If you have a contract that you would prefer, I am open to considering it.

Contact Angela.

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Living pictures by Tatiana Ji

(Tustin, CA USA)

mushroom encyclopedia for children

mushroom encyclopedia for children

mushroom encyclopedia for children
''Furry heart''
Nebuka and Firefly

Hi. I am Tatiana.

I'm an illustrator, graphic designer and artist. I work in a variety of styles and techniques, such as

• colored pencils
• watercolor
• acrylic painting
• computer graphics design, and
• photo art processing digital photography

I also create new original characters in a sculpture.

At the moment, I'm working on my own project, as both author and illustrator.

My goal is to make a bright and expressive "living picture" that brings kindness and love, which in my opinion is necessary to create a children's book.

If our thoughts and desires are the same, I look forward to suggestions and I guarantee satisfaction.

Email Tatiana.

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An Artist Who Knows Kids!

by Katie Bent-Slay
(California, USA)

Defying the Monster

Defying the Monster

Defying the Monster
Eyes of Stone

Mud Pies and Pillow Fights - An Artist Who Knows Kids!

I do book cover illustration, story-board illustration, conceptual illustration, and fine art. I am an explorer of all mediums...

...and I like to mix it up to see how I can push the limits while bringing in character, depth and story into my work.

For example I will sculpt a realistic figure or head out of clay, take photos, layer it with a painting in Photoshop, then mix it with different found objects to create a complete composition.

I also love to use watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel, charcoal and oils.

I take each project as an individual challenge and price it based on the difficulty and time required. I have a set hourly base fee, and I work fast.

I work based off of your ideas, and I send you small thumbnail sketches to show you how I can cultivate those ideas into a vision.

If you like them, we settle on a proposal and time frame, and then we get to work.

I have a great focus group, at home, of four kids who are bright and creative themselves; I often test ideas on them and their diverse groups of friends. (Boys and girls, ages 7-13). I also look at what is drawing kids in today and what can make your book more marketable.

You can email me at

Thank you and have a glorious day!

Katie Bent-Slay
Illustration Major at The Academy of Art University of San Francisco
Illustration and Fine Artist

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Zak Zaikine, Artist/Illustrator of Children's Books

(Sebastopol, CA, US)

Zak in the studio

Zak in the studio


My artwork can be found in museums and private-public collections throughout the world. I have received major artist grants and fellowships. My lifelong dream of being an artist continues to be a reality, since at age 4 I knew that is what I wanted to be...

With the support of family, friends, teachers and the extended community - and of course you, the public at large that purchases my creations - I am so very lucky to be doing what I love this lifetime. I plan to continue for a long time.

My first completed hard cover edition was "The Magic of Hanalei Bay." I followed this with "A Mother's Love" and "Eugene and the Magical Carrot Tree."

Currently I am working on another "Eugene" book, entitled "Eugene and His Magical Dream." I am also developing "Dancing by the Light of The Moon," a story about a storm that brought so much rain to Sonoma County, California, that the local fish took a vacation; they journeyed to the Sea of Tranquility on the moon.

All drawings and most of the stories are completed for these new books, and they could be in print within the next year.

Because I self publish, I am able to continue creating my books on the finest recycled paper stock available, using soy-based inks. Since publishing my first books in the early 1970's, I have made it my practice to use green and recycled materials.

My images come from my relationship with the landscape, people and animals that I have known. This personal connection to my subject matter allows the images to come alive on paper and canvas.

I would consider collaborating with other writers and authors to create the same intense, colorful imagery for their projects. You may contact me for a conversation if you have a serious interest. Please include your phone number in a short email and we will go from there.

My second children's book, "A Mother's Love," is now available for purchase. It was written and illustrated in my studio in the northern California town of Sebastopol, where I've lived for over 14 years.

It is here where I will continue to work and produce my art and many more books for the child in all of us.

This book features pencil, pen and watercolor paintings to accompany the sweet story of a cat family reuniting. The pictures from the book are similar, in style, to William Steig's, one of my heroes.

Thank you very much for your patronage and your continued interest in my creative endeavors.

Zak Zaikine

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Jul 26, 2017
by: Soni

I get so much enjoyment from Zaks mouth He is a true wizard of words
His work gives everybody a chance to run around naked in the rain it will make you pregnant in the best way. Seriously , it gives everybody the opportunity to read to their inner kid.

Apr 04, 2017
Author visit
by: Lisa

I am looking to have a couple authors come to visit my elementary school in Sacramento. How much do you charge and are you available within the next two months?

Jul 31, 2014
Zak can bring the child out in all of us!!!
by: Ellen Morrison

I've know Zak for many years and his wonderful whimsical art comes from his most inner being. His fanciful animals and landscapes are from a world we all wish we could live in. Peace, joy, contentment, where the lion literally lies down with the lamb.

His imagination comes from a child's heart and as adults we to can get into his worlds.


Hey, a rabbit [Eugene] that LOVES Vincent van Gogh [one of my favorite artists]has got to be my hero.

And Zak Zaikine is a hero to all of us because he knows how to get into the child inside us!


Jul 25, 2014
Bursting With Creativity
by: Susan

Zak Zaikine is bursting with creativity in all his art. His work is wonderfully magical and mysterious. How fortunate I am that this great artist, with a sincere heart, came into my life, imbuing me with the conviction that life is essentially good and to be completely enjoyed. Zak transforms others, uplifting them with his great spirit of wisdom and kindness.

Susan Zamani
July 25, 2014

Jul 24, 2014
A magical artist
by: Tom Palmer

Zak has a way of seeing, and ability to communicate the vision, that is unique. I am happy to have his work on the back cover of my latest book, American Art Collector 2015.
Tom Palmer, Editor, Alcove Books

Jun 28, 2014
by: Karin

I love the magical, colorful illustrations by Zak Zaikine. The paintings alone tell a story. His illustrations are a special treat for the eyes, giving the mind much to contemplate.
Thank you, Zak!

Mar 22, 2008
I like it
by: Anonymous

I really like this illustrator's work.

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Imagination Station

by Aaron Alcala

Joy Ride!!!

Joy Ride!!!

Joy Ride!!!
The Nightlife
Out to lunch
Through the keyhole

Hello my name is Aaron Alcala and I have obtained my BS degree in Media Arts and Animation from The Art Institute of California-Sacramento. I worked on the animated shorts, "April and The Phantom" and "The Art of War" as a concept artist, storyboard artist, environmental and character design artist.

• In 2011 I was nominated for the AISAC Next Talent Awards for my concept work named "Joy Ride".
• In 2012 I won the AISAC Next Talent Awards for my work on the animated short "The Art of War."

My fee depends on the complexity of the project. I am willing to provide any sample sketches as an "audition" for any illustration job.

My main choice of medium is digital. I work very well in Photoshop and Sketchbook pro but also I'm no stranger to the traditional mediums such as pencil, ink and color pencils.

Any questions? please email me.

I'm looking forward to being a part of your projects.

Thank You,

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Sculptural, Expressive, Colorful, Playful

by Thomas Marsh
(Los Angeles)

Trouble In The Patch

Trouble In The Patch

Trouble In The Patch
Getting Ready For Fall
Design ruff for page
Going Off The Rails

Sculptural and Expressive with Color & Humor

I create lively, often whimsical illustrations of endearing characters. My caricature style and humorous images have a wide appeal and are expressive and vibrant. Inspired from an early age by the creations of Dr. Seuss, Mercer Mayer, Maurice Sendak and Jack Davis among others who often share the same gestural approach.

I always find new inspirations from a variety of creative people, from Thomas Hart Benton and Bernie Fuchs to C.F. Payne and the street work of Polish tandem Etam Cru. I could list so many but there’s way too much to love about a lot of different people and applied through a lot of different industries. So, I'm always seeking out new and exciting contemporaries to learn from, and to learn how and why they do what they do.

Along with illustration, I provide other services.

I worked 20+ in news journalism as a designer, illustrator and editor. I can provide critiques and feedback on your overall project; from writing to design and art direction.

Contact Thomas Marsh.

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Native American Art and Illustrations

by Judith
(San Diego, CA)

ThunderBird in Cave

ThunderBird in Cave

ThunderBird in Cave
White Buckskin Woman
Wildcat Kid Kachina

As an artist, several years ago, I became engrossed in Native American myths and legends, mainly Hopi. I've assembled a small but colorful library of facts and stories about several Native American cultures and artists.

My heritage includes Cherokee ancestry.

I paint and sketch with color pencils.

All of my art depictions are original and interpretive.

I was awarded a three year scholarship to attend classes at the prestigious Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, Mass. During my attendance there, The Massachusetts State College of Art awarded me a three week scholarship as a recruiting tool.

During both scholarships, I was still attending high school as an honor roll student.

I have always been passionate about painting and drawing. When in grammar school, my art was chosen to go on exhibit in Japan and a couple of European countries. The Boston Globe newspaper awarded me the "Golden Key" for a fine art portrait of a high school classmate.

I never had any training in film production, but when I moved to San Diego, CA, I met a few Hollywood personalities and decided that I would insert myself into an independent film production company, located in Carlsbad, CA.

I was hired and worked as Assistant to the Executive Producer. We did two feature films: "Slaughterhouse" and "The Arrival," with John Saxon as the star. It looks great on my resume!

I then got it into my head that I could produce my own little production, and I did. I received the "Telly award" (equivalent to an Emmy for non-broadcast productions) for a children's documentary entitled, "RAD 2000," concerned with guns, gangs, teen pregnancy and drugs, splashed with a smidgen of humor and the help of MTV music videos.

Are you interested in my illustrations? I am posting art executed with color pencils for your perusal and for your information. All fees for my services are negotiable.

I do not have a website. Please feel free to contact me at:

My name is Judith. Good luck with all of your endeavors!

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Fun and Spunky Illustrator!

by Sarah Harkey
(Los Angeles, CA)

Some background designs

Some background designs

Spunky, fun illlustration

Hi there!

I am a 2D animation major looking to explore children's book illustration!

I have done extensive illustration freelance work and have art direction experience.

My art is colorful, fun, and can really POP! I have a very wide-ranging but cartoon-oriented style. I also really enjoy working in "retro" shapes and colors.

Contact me if you like what you see.



Comments for Fun and Spunky Illustrator!

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Nov 09, 2011
Great Work!
by: Mike

Sarah was a delight to work with! She did several illustrations for our website, all of which were very fun and exciting! I would definitely work with her again and again. If you're looking for an illustrator who can provide you with lots of different styles and options and who is talented at her craft, contact Sarah! She was also very reasonably priced

Nov 09, 2011
I LOVED working with Sarah
by: Donalisa

Sarah is a talented artist and illustrator. She was professional, listened to what I wanted, gave her thoughts and opinions. Her illustrations took my children's picture book to the next level.

author, "The Day No One Played Together: A Story About Compromise"

Jun 18, 2011
Children's Book Illustrations
by: Donalisaherbal

Hello Sarah,

I tried to email you at the email on your website, but it was sent back to me. I really enjoyed looking at your work. I am a first time children's author looking for an illustrator. I would like to talk to you about your rates and availability. I am being published this first time by Mirror Publishing, which is a print on demand publisher.

I am going to make this a series of books and hope to eventually go to a big time publisher. I am looking for a determined illustrator to go on my journey with me.

Please contact me as soon as you get the chance.

Donalisa Helsley

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Quality Works Graphics and Illustrations

by Frank A. Lowe
(Orange County, California)

Let's work together to make some positive changes that just might alter your whole life! I'm ready when you are!

Let's work together to make some positive changes that just might alter your whole life! I'm ready when you are!

Quality Works Illustrations

Hello, friends, I'm Frank Lowe (illustrator of picture books for children 4-12.)

As an artist, I have worked in several areas of the artistic field for over 20 years. As a graphic designer, I am an Art Director of my own business, where I do original design work, for small businesses, that vary from logos and labels, to brochures, on up to full corporate identification packages.

When I worked in animation I did everything from character development to story-board, working for Marvel Films on the Spider-Man Show for Fox Television, in addition to the Iron-man Fantastic Four Hour that was syndicated. I have also worked for Hyperion and Pixie Box International doing the same type of work. Furthermore, I have freelanced story-boards for Hanna Barbera and Nickelodeon.

As I continue to do graphic design, I have ventured into the field of illustrating children’s books. Currently, I've just finished a book with Olive Leaf Publications. The book is now in publication and is called “The King’s Silverware.”

My wife and I are working on several different types of book series which are now in development. The name of our first series will be called “Emily’s Magic Hat,” which will consist of several installments.

I have a wide range of style due to my animation background and I am proficient in all media related to this profession.

My costs are negotiable, so as to work within your budget, and payment plans are available. To see some of my work right now, I invite you to go to visit lowelives on myspace.

For any other questions, please call 562-691-4050.
I have the confidence in your work to do this; DO YOU?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Frank A. Lowe
Owner/Art Director

Comments for Quality Works Graphics and Illustrations

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Jun 08, 2009
Come See Frank A. Lowe's Work Samples
by: Anonymous

Hello everyone,

I hope that you will take some time to check out what I'm working on now, and that you might consider me for what you might be working on in the future. Please, if you have any questions feel free to call me today! 562-691-4050

Let me know your thoughts.

Frank Lowe

Aug 19, 2008
A Great Work Experience!
by: Megan Loughnane

I had the pleasure of working with Frank Lowe at Marvel Films animation starting in 1994, then on my first children's book in 2008. It was a pleasure both times! His professional, straightforward, "tell it like it is" approach has been so helpful to me.

Because of his years of experience, I felt at ease as I entered the new world of children's books. Thank you, Frank!

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Former Graphic Designer

by Mira
(Mountain View, CA, USA)

Love by accident

Love by accident

Freelance Illustrator


I'm searching for freelance project.

I'm an artist, but I used to be a graphic designer (for web) for more than 3 years.

So I can do the illustrations, but also I can help with the design part!

You can contact me at Mira's Gallery.

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Haunted Scribbles

by Jake

the wizard graff

the wizard graff

The Pope of Colors can draw your book

I offer haunted scribbles, from the part of your mind that writes the dreams you forget, the moment you wake up.

I use inks spread with needles and scooped by hand on pieces of recycled paper and other flat surfaces.

I received my degree in Illustration at the Western School of Shape and Form in the year 2005.

Contact Jake.

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Drawing since age 4

by Celeste Streiff Hammond
(Pasadena, CA, USA)

A Villain, The Ex-Robot Dictator of Sirius

A Villain, The Ex-Robot Dictator of Sirius

A Villain, The Ex-Robot Dictator of Sirius
Rufus, Jesse's Pet Tarantula
The Little Green Men of Mars
Erf & Merf playing N-dimensional Chess at Shultz's Beer Parlor

Hello, I'm Celeste Streiff Hammond, from Pasadena, and I have been drawing since I was 4 years old - on the walls, the furniture...wherever I could find an empty space.

Luckily my Mom was extremely permissive and never yelled at me about it; she just made sure I had plenty of paper and supplies from then on.

She also used to read to me from a huge book of Grimm's Fairytales that had tons of full page colorful and beautiful pictures.

From that time on I was hooked on fantasy art.

I mostly prefer illustrating children's picture books, YA children's books, book covers, and poster art/ads.

The examples of my work above are from a picture book for YA that recently I authored, entitled, "The Streetcar to Andromeda."

If you like my style, please contact me at to take a closer look at my portfolio and the other things I do. My prices are economical.


Celeste Streiff Hammond

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