Bugs in My Hair!
by Michelle Mullins

Bugs in My Hair by Michelle Mullins

Oh, woe is me! I’ve got bugs in my hair!
My teacher said that she spotted some there!
With a look and a note, I was sent to the nurse
Who flipped around chopsticks while she mumbled a curse.

She then called my momma, said it’s urgent I leave
And my teacher sent a messenger with all of my things.
I whimpered and cried, “Momma, I don’t want to go,
Today is the celebration for making the classroom mojo!”

But THESE BUGS, these bugs are crawling in my hair
My dear worried momma googled that they can hide anywhere.
So, she washed all my bedding and bagged my stuffed bears
Then she vacuumed and vacuumed ‘til she just didn’t care.

Poor momma, she scrubbed me and picked all the nits
And I returned to school the next day feeling cleaner than all ‘git.
I’ve been warned not to hug or share my hair things
Plus my friends now bag their coats inside their cubbies.

Well, it’s been about 2 weeks since I had my head lice fright
I am blessed and I am grateful that my momma treated it right.
Some would say that I am lucky, but that’s not so for all
My teacher just gave my friend a note that read: “I’ve got another one on the crawl!”

©Michelle L Mullins 2016

The author lives in Maryland, USA

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