Brittany's Big Baby Spike
by Alvin Clark

Brittany's family had recently moved to a new house that had a small river in the back with a pier. Shortly after she had moved there the neighbor gave Brittany a newborn puppy that she named Spike.

Spike was a very lively and playful mate for Brittany. They spent all their time together each day after Brittany finished her school homework.

Brittany loved to go fishing on the pier and Spike would always be there with her. He would would get just as excited as Brittany whenever she caught a fish.

Spike begin to grow bigger and bigger. Soon he was so big that when he played inside the house he would knock things over and break stuff.

Although they really didn't want to, Brittany's parents decided that Spike would have to stay outside because he needed more room to run and play.

Even though Brittany was unhappy about having to put Spike outside to live, she helped her father build Spike a nice, big doghouse for him to live in.

At first it was hard for everyone to sit and watch poor Spike outside all alone, but they knew it was best for him.

Brittany still spent all her time with him. She would even sit and read stories to him. That made them both feel much better.

Later on Spike had gotten so big that he was able to jump the fence and get out of the yard. Several times he almost got hit by passing cars.

Because there was no one home during the day to watch Spike and keep him out of trouble, it was decided that it would be best to find him a new home with a much bigger and more secure yard for him to play and grow in.

Finally, a lady that worked with Brittany's mother agreed to take Spike because she could care for him better and also had a bigger yard for him to play in.

When the lady came for Spike, Brittany did not come outside to see him off. She had already said her goodbyes to him earlier and did not want to see him leave.

Everyone was heartbroken when they watched Spike leave with his big head stuck out the window of the car as it drove away.

Even with Spike's having to leave being a sad occasion, it was not all bad. Until this day Brittany still goes to visit him at his new home whenever she wants to.

This goes to show that when friends part they can still be together and remain the best of friends no matter where they are.

The End

Copyright Alvin O. Clark, 2007

Alvin lives in North Carolina, USA, with his wife and two children.

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