The Brightest Star

by Sarah DeLuca

star outshining moon

Every day when the sun sets, all the stars up in the sky come out and do thier best to shine as brightly as they can.

But one little star named Astro was smaller than all the rest, and could not shine as well as the others.

Astro tried very hard to find a way to shine. He asked his friend Norry how he shined so brightly.

Norry said that he spun around in circles as much as he could, and that's what lit him up.

Astro tried this, but he just got dizzy and did not shine at all.

Then he went to his friend Dipper and asked her how she shined so brightly.

Dipper said that she followed behind meteors and caught thier flames to help her light up.

Astro tried this, but he just got burned and didn't shine any more than he had before.

Astro's friend Orion told him to go ask the largest star of all to help him. Maybe the Sun could tell him how to shine.

Astro went far away to the place where the light was so bright he had to cover his eyes.

The Sun shone eerily onto Earth, his rays as bright as all the stars combined. The star field around him glittered and glistened as the starts shone as brightly as they could. They still paled in comparison to the Sun.

Astro asked the Sun how he could shine as brightly as his friends.

"You should think about the happiest moments you have had, and about everything you love and treasure. You cannot shine because all you think about is how you cannot shine. You should think about your good qualities instead of your bad," said the Sun.

Astro thought about all the good times with his friends, and about all the happy times he'd had. Slowly, he started to shine.

"If you think about what you love and follow your heart, you can shine as brightly as I do," said the Sun.

Astro went back to his friends and thought his happiest thoughts. He thought about all the good times with his friends and all the night when he had watched them light up the night sky.

And Astro became the brightest little star of all.

The End

Copyright Sarah DeLuca 2011

The author lives in Connecticut, USA.

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