How Timbo Found Out That Telling The Truth Really Does Work

This is kind of a funny story, because most stories don't start with a kid on a toilet. This one does though. Timbo was on the toilet.

He finished, and he wiped--kind of--and then he went to play. On his way, he ran into his mom. "Did you wipe?" she asked. Timbo nodded. "Did you flush? And wash?" Timbo nodded and then nodded again, but his mom didn't seem quite convinced.

"Really, I did," said Timbo. Because he really wanted to go right out and play.

"And did you turn off the light?" his mom asked.

"Yep," said Timbo. But his mom was kind of looking around him, and he turned and saw that she could see that the light was on.

"Timbo, you know that we tell the truth in this house. We don't fib."

"I didn't fib," said Timbo. "I forgot that I didn't turn the light off."

"I'll turn it off for you then," said Timbo's mom. But Timbo realized that if she turned off the light, she'd probably see that he didn't flush either.

"I'll do it," Timbo said cheerfully, running to the bathroom. "See you later," he said right afterward, running past her to go outside and play baseball with the guys.

"Did you walk the dog?" his mom called after him.

"Yep," yelled Timbo, even though he hadn't.

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The boys were old enough to play in the street, but there were a bunch of cars parked in front of the Harrises' house.. Another car pulled up, and a lady got out. "Maybe you boys should play a little farther down the street so you don't hit a car," she suggested.

"She's right," said Spencer. "Let's move down."

"But the bases are right here," said Timbo. "We won't hit anything." Besides, the lady was already inside.

So the boys stayed where they were, and when it was Timbo's turn to bat he hit the ball harder and farther than he'd ever hit it before. And do you know where it landed? It landed right on the lady's car. It put a big dent in the lady's hood.

"Uh-oh," said Spencer. "We have to tell someone."

"No, we don't," said Timbo. "Maybe she won't even notice it."

Later that afternoon, when Timbo was watching tv in the kitchen while his mom cooked, the doorbell rang. It was a really good part of the show so Timbo pretended he didn't hear the doorbell.

"Timbo!" said his mom.

"What?" said Timbo.

His mom sighed and answered the door. The next thing you know, she was calling for him. "Timbo!" She was calling so loud that he couldn't pretend not to hear.

Uh-oh! When Timbo got to the door, he saw that it was the lady whose car he hit with the baseball. "Timbo," said Timbo's mom, "do you have any idea how this lady's car got a big dent in it?"

Timbo was shaking inside. He could tell this was really important. Fibbing about this felt much more serious than fibbing about the bathroom. But he also could tell that because it was so important, he was going to get in big trouble if he told the truth.

"Timbo, do you know how it happened?"

Timbo took a big breath. "Big kids," he said. "Big kids came along and, um, they wanted to show us how far they could hit the ball. You know, from way down the street. And one of them hit it so far that it hit the car."

"Why didn't you tell anybody?" asked Timbo's mom.

"They said if we did they'd beat us up," said Timbo.

Timbo waited to see if his mom would believe him...and she did! "Okay, Timbo," she said. "Thank you. Run along."

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